1. A

    help regarding ASUS eeePC 1001HA

    i have an 11 months old upgraded eeepc(2gb ram and 500gb HDD. i use it mainly for downloading files. Recently, the fan started makin a lot of sound, hence i got it cleaned with compressed air. But, again it started makin sounds. any help is highly appreciated. Thank You
  2. F

    3 new NFS games - None for PS2.

    Need for Speed game series with three new games in to three different genres. These new games will cater to gamers in action, simulation, and arcade racing genres. (source:Techtree) I feel like kicking the mofckin ass of whoever decided at EA not to make games for my beloved PS2. they r makin...
  3. S

    How can I start makin' my own linux distro?

    How can I start makin' my own linux distro? Any comments........
  4. gauravakaasid

    Resizing pics

    is there ne site whr i can resize pics of ne dimension? basically i want to resize pics for makin avatars, from wallpapers n oders.
  5. harmax

    a simple tool which i couldnt figure out in GIMP

    simply put HOW DO U REDUCE THE SIZE AN IMAGE IN GIMP ?? without makin changes to its size i mean no altering 1024X768 to 800X600 etc thnx in adv
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