1. R

    Electric Tea Maker and Bread toaster appliance

    Guys I live in a hostel.Suggest me some good electric Tea maker(<500ml) and a Bread Toaster.
  2. Ronnie11

    Coffee Maker for a budget of 2000/-

    Hey guys, I am looking for a coffee maker for a budget of 2000. This is the first time i am about to buy a coffee maker. Looking for a reliable coffee maker which will be used daily by my family. Although it will be mostly used for coffee, i was wondering if similarly it could be used for tea as...
  3. T

    Microsoft Updates Windows Live Essentials - 2011 with Windows Essentials 2012

    On Windows 7 you get access to the following apps: Messenger Mail Writer Photo Gallery and Movie Maker Family Safety Microsoft SkyDrive Photo Gallery and Movie Maker have been updated by Microsoft for this release. The updates are only available for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and add the...
  4. R

    Where to get ice cream maker in bangalore?

    Hi If possible please tell me where can i get an ice cream maker in bangalore?
  5. G

    India's highest deal for a flat: Rs 1.11 lakh/sq ft

    India's highest deal for a flat: Rs 1.11 lakh/sq ft - The Times of India
  6. Gauravs90

    Which content mangement or website maker?

    which content management or website maker should i use from the following Drupal Geeklog Joomla 1.5...
  7. INS-ANI

    Need a simple GIF maker

    I need a simple GIF maker software (or any other) to make presentation animations like this: * I need it to produce a file to be integrated with Microsoft power point files. Also, i need it not take a lot of time to make a simple animation as...
  8. kerthivasan

    Plz suggest a free Forum maker website?

    hi guys. I just wanted a free forum. can u plz suggest a free forum maker website , which do you think is nice and without any trouble
  9. P

    Need Urgent Help

    Hey there.. I've got some video files laying around [some recorded using fraps of games and stuff] which i want to edit out, combine with other edited videos as well.. All of them are in avi format. I tried out windows movie maker, which actually sucks, since it takes around 1/2 hour just to...
  10. RCuber

    Sony Camcorder to PC

    Hello guys, I borrowed my friends Sony Camcorder Model DCR-HC42E, I need to transfer the video from it to the PC, have the camcorder dock with me to connect it to the PC , but I do not have the software , I am unaware about which software to use for the purpose. Vista detects it as Sony...
  11. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Movie Maker in Vista Ultimate & Basic**Problem**

    Hi, I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and Home Basic... When i try to publish a editied movie via movie maker, the application hangs and stops respondsing... I've edited an AVI file and added a MP3 file in the movie...i am also using K-lite Kodes...i've tried publishing after uninstalling...
  12. mad1231moody

    Video DVD Maker

    Hey I have a Sony handycam and I have created VCD's earlier using Window's Movie Maker. ow I want to create a DVD from the Hi8 cassette of the camcorder, and I think that many like this freeware option of Video DVD Maker. Well I started of and started capturing. Captured 1 min and stopped to...
  13. iMav

    family tree maker

    guys is there any family tree maker software ...
  14. Choto Cheeta

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista Movie Maker 2.6 is for Windows Vista users whose computer cannot run the Vista version of Movie Maker. To test if your computer can run the Vista version of Movie Maker: 1. From the Start menu, click All Programs. 2. Click Windows Movie Maker. If...
  15. piyushp_20

    Windows Movie Maker giving trouble

    hi guys I am facing a problem with the Windows Movie Maker when i try to import anything in the collection it gives and unspecified error message and the importing fails earlier it was working fine for me i will be very thankful if someone helps me solve this problem.
  16. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Windows Movie Maker missing! Please Help..........

    I recently did a fresh installation of Windows XP on my PC, but since then I am not able to find a shortcut to the Windows Movie Maker in the START Menu. Beforehand it could be found their. The shortcut to the Address Book is also missing in the START Menu. Please tell me how I can access both...
  17. CadCrazy

    Free E-card Maker Needed ????/

    Dear All, I need a good free E-card maker to make cards for new year. Please tell me where to download it
  18. abhi_shake

    Converting pictures into a movie slideshow

    Is there any way to convert a lot of pictures (around 200) into a movie.... or like a movie slideshow? I think i read somewhere that you can make photos into a slideshow movie using windows movie maker.
  19. T

    Conversion of 3gp file

    I have a few 3gp files that I want to incorporate in my project using Windows Movie Maker. But the Movie Maker does not support 3gp format. Now how do I convert it in an acceptable format and how?
  20. H

    Any Open Source Counterpart of Microsoft Reader and Microsoft E-book Maker

    I came across Ebooks maker and Microsoft reader in Digit issue. Since I use Open office i wanted to know that is there any program available that can be used to do the same with Open Office.
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