1. Anorion

    Lockdown memes and other_viral_ stuff

    Stay home, stay safe.
  2. Anorion

    Free stuff during lockdown megathread

    This is a collection of everything you can access for free during the lockdown National Digital Library of India - Free material for students National Book Trust is giving away Free Ebooks (lots of local language content here) Airtel customers are getting thousands of eBooks free on Juggernaut...
  3. jkultimate

    Android: App for locking apps?

    Using moto G first gen with 5.0.2 Lolipop. Currently using Lockdown Pro for locking apps. But the problem is, when locking apps like whatsapp, bank apps, the lockdown pro app asks the pattern more than one time. Even after I draw pattern and starts using it, randomly lockdown pro asks for...
  4. chicha

    weapon mod

    there is an option in Rainbow 6 lockdown for mods. where can i download them? are they free?
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