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  1. G

    Making of Snow Lion

    Hi, to start with this is all about a new build... and am starting this right from the scratch how things really took shape.. The basic idea started with the ASUS Sabertooth Mark S, the arctic camo themed motherboard that they released a few months back. I had a few Sabertooth motherboards...
  2. D

    How to make a bootable usb of osx lion on windows 7 pc itself

    Hello I have a hp pavilion dv6-6165tx powered by Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz | Radeon HD 6770M 2GB GDDR5 running Catalyst 12.11 | 8 GB DDR3 RAM | Inbuilt 750GB HDD I like to install osx lion on my laptop. But i have seen that i need a mac book to create a bootable usb of osx lion. But i and...
  3. Y

    Please Suggest Graphic cards for Intel i5 2500K

    Hi all, Please suggest me a better graphics for my PC. My budget is below 12k. My PC configuration is Intel i5 2500K ASUS P8P67 Pro Corsair DDR3 1600 MHZ Circle 550Watt I would like to run both Windows 7 as well as Mac OS X Lion. My choice is to go with Sapphire HD 6870, because...
  4. Z

    Mac hard drive file system?

    I own a MacBook Pro 13 inch early 2011 with Lion (upgrading to Mountain Lion soon) and I have a Seagate hard drive 250 GB in NTFS format. The problem is that Macs can only read NTFS drives and not write to them. Is there any file format which is compatible with both Mac and Windows for...
  5. ico

    how quickly does Apple charge your card?

    I purchased Mountain Lion yesterday morning. My Debit Card has still not been charged. All it says is, Re. 1 to iTunes. (test transaction I guess) Instead, it should be saying some Rs. 1100~. So, does Apple take time to charge you? I haven't even received the receipt in my e-mail...
  6. rider

    OS X Lion GUI software for Windows 7

    I want know the names of software which can make my windows 7 look like OS X Lion. Like there is a multiple desktop screen interface in android phones and OS X
  7. O

    Ideal processor/MB config for running mac osx,preferably lion or mountain lion

    Hi guys, I'm considering building a pc to run mac exclusively, and nothing else.As you must have guessed it has to be a budget build, within 10k or so, lower the better.I plan to use it only to develop apps so Xcode will be running on it mostly. I was considering the following build Intel...
  8. Akshay

    Review: Macbook Pro 13.3" and Lion OS

    [Will update with screen shots soon since I am unable to upload images for some reason] After using the Macbook Pro 13.3” (MBP) for over a month now, I would like to share some of my experiences with MBP and the Lion OS. Do let me know if you would like me to add some more points as well. I...
  9. Ayuclack

    Mac OS X Lion And Snow Leopard On A PC

    HardWare Core i5 2500K||MSI Z68A GD 65 B3||GSkills Ripjaw 4GB XL||Segate Baraguda 1TB X2 ||Sony 24x DVD||Cooler Master Elite 430||Corsair CX600 V2||Dell IN2020||Logitech MK200||Geforce 9600 GT 1GB Snow Leopard OS X Lion
  10. gdebojyoti

    How to install Mac OS X Lion in a laptop (create a dual boot machine)

    Hello, Just a few months ago, I bought an HP Pavilion dv6-6119tx laptop. Its configuration is as follows: Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz 4 GB DDR3 RAM 640 GB SATA HDD AMD Radeon HD 6490M (1 GB GDDR5) Intel HM65 Chipset Currently my laptop runs on Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to install...
  11. sygeek

    Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 8

    OS X Lion vs. Windows 8: Feature by Feature Lion's Mobile-like User Interface Windows 8's Mobile-like User Interface Windows 8's Touch and Gesture Support Lion's Touch Gesture Support Processor Support Switching Among Apps Full Screen Apps The App Stores Backward...
  12. int86


    Does in india exits similar to Honker Union of China (LION). It created the LION worm.
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