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  1. B

    Subtitles website for TV shows

    Hi Friends, Is there any good website which has subtitles of TV shows? I am looking for subtitles of Big Little Lies and S05 of Prison Break. Thanks
  2. V2IBH2V

    Very limited LM6410 audio options.. :(

    So here I bought a 42LM6410.. I am thoroughly impressed by its PQ.. :) But now, im gonna get a Logitech Z506 for complementing TV's puny speakers.. The problem lies here.. The speaker doesn't have optical input.. On the contrary, my TV has only optical out as the audio out option.. What should...
  3. C


    Each one of you might have had those 10rs Vegetable sandwiches you get in the city. Like its just bread slice+chutney+vegetables+bread slice but still it tastes different and whole lot better than home-made sandwiches made in same style. The secret lies in their chutney. Anyone can make that...
  4. smile

    Sound Coming from PC :(

    Hi, When ever i switch on my PC some horrible sounds are coming ....infact i opened my system and check but am not able to find out ...I think problem lies in SMPS? Have anyone experience the same :mad:
  5. tech_cheetah

    vista automatically hibernating

    My laptop goes into hybernation automatically all of a sudden. Please suggest where the problem lies.
  6. P

    where is fsb???

    hi , I wanted to know that whether fsb lies on the processor or the motherboard???
  7. M


    Hey guys i scan my pc once in a week with above antivirus.It does detect a virus in the summary but cannot give name of the file.I think it lies somewhere in d:/program files.Do u know how to delete this file? Please reply soon. :(
  8. T

    icon overlaps in win98

    whenever open a folder then all the contents get vanished but when i go back and again open them they appear. all the files are placed on top of each other i.e,one files icon lies on the half of the others.tell me how to cure this.
  9. G

    3DNow! Vs HyperThreading

    I hav heard lots of vendors comparing 3DNow! and HT saying both r equivalent. How much truth lies in it??? Share ur knowledge about these technologies.
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