1. A

    Gaming on tf700

    hey guys, i have bougght an asus tf700 to play games only. but i couldn't find titles like asphalt, wild blood and many on google play. is there any way to get them offline legally or to buy from anyother site. can anything be done???
  2. krates

    Last post wins 10$

    Rules are really simple for this game the last post in this thread will get 10$ from me via paypal condition is you should be the last person to post in this thread and yea you should be last till a week.................................... if you satisfy that pm me with your paypal id and...
  3. NoasArcAngel

    Help In Cs!!!

    hello all fnatics out there:D i know how many versions of cs are there: cs 1.5 cs 1.6 and cz but are they all available LEGALLY without steam and i was wondering what version of cs do the people use in tourneys like wcg???
  4. Rahim

    Wierd Laws around the World

    Law & Behold People around the world have come up with strange laws in their effort to maintain law and order. NOTE: Some of the contents may be offensive, so reader are warned. Source: I found these from TOI newspaper and though about sharing them here. In Thailand, it is...
  5. N

    unlimited free sms legally

    is it possible to send unlimited free sms legally to one number from pc ?? if yes how?
  6. G

    Oracle / SQL

    We have to practice SQL but not using Microsoft SQL server which I already have installed. We have to practice using Oracle. Can somebody please tell me which / what is the name of the software ( exact ) and if it can be downloaded legally from the net. I am using Win XP. Awaiting...
  7. aku

    Download Vista Beta2 (CPP) LEGALLY!

    Good news... infact music for ur ear... nw u can dowload vista beta 2 free of cost and dat also legally without any MSDN/TechNet subscroption... i dun wanna waste ne single minute of urs nw.. let da link do all da taking...
  8. N

    Is This Legal In Dataone??

    IS THIS LEGAL? IF i take 900 home plan and share it with my friend ........will it be legal?? suppose we both log in from our home simultaeneously bandhwith will split but is it legally allowed??? we will pay 450-450 each by mutual it allowed???????? Expert...
  9. mario_pant

    do u use bittorrent for "legal" stuff....?

    seriously there is .01% of the total user swarm who use bittorrent legally... i mean when u hear of torrent u think of kazaa and eMule in context of the content (ie. piracy)... is any one of you using bittorrent the legal way...... i just wanted to know how many of u actually use the bittorrent...
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