1. p_dude

    need torrent leech invitation...

    any using in this forum?
  2. praka123

    Biggest BSOD of All Time?

    At one of Toronto's locations of The Bay department store, four giant screens have suffered from the infamous Blue Screen of Death for days. You'd think that someone would, I dunno, turn off the freakin' screens. Or, at minimum, there's gotta be some 2.4gHz nanny cam feed they could leech for at...
  3. QwertyManiac

    Torrent - Invalid passkey ???

    Help ! Recenty, i am always getting Invalid Passkey whenever i try to d/l a file thru BitComet Why is this happening. I never leech too much !
  4. T

    File leeching ??

    while using a P2P software the status of my downloads is showing "leech paused" . Cn anyone tell me what this means :?: ? I'm using Ares !
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