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  1. I

    make hp laserjet 100 m175a network enabled

    sir i have hp laserjet 100 m175a printer and want to make it network enabled as per someones advice i bought a tplink 110u print server but it turned out that it is not compatile with it please advice how i can make it wired or wireless but network printer
  2. reddick

    HP LaserJet Pro P1108 : Should I go for it?

    Hi There, My printing needs are only casual ones and I want a black and white printing laserjet device. I have found the said printer at Amazon.in for Rs. 6570 . Plz suggest me that is it a right choice? And what about it's service and warranty availability ... My budget is between Rs. 5000...
  3. bad_till_bones

    Suggestion Required - Laserjet Printer around 6k

    Hi Guys, Need a LaserJet printer around 6k. Thanks guys!
  4. g_goyal2000

    Which laserjet MFP is better?

    I need to urgently buy a Laserjet Multifunction printer for SOHO. I have finalized 2 printers based on my budget: HP Laserjet 1136 MFPhttp://www8.hp.com/in/en/products/printers/product-detail.html?oid=4075453 HP Laserjet M1005...
  5. L

    Need a laserjet

    I need a laserjet printer for home use. Previously I had an inkjet and had very bad experiences with it. So, I want to know the best yet cheap laserjet printer in market. Please suggest some close to 6000 but I am also considering above that price range if its worth it. Thanks.
  6. g_goyal2000

    HP Laserjet P1007 - Income Tax watermark not printing

    I'm using Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate OS and HP Laserjet P1007. I've installed the v8.0 drivers for the printer which seem to be the latest drivers available. The ink toner is full. The problem is, when I print the Income Tax Return Verification Form, the document prints without the Income...
  7. M

    Suggest a laserjet printer(refill friendly)

    My old canon mp160 cartridge is no longer looks strong.Even after refill unable to get prints.Properly doesnt know whether problem is with cartridge or with clog mechanism.So buying a new cartridge and if still the refilling have mess with clog mechanism will prove an expensive mistake. Since...
  8. g_goyal2000

    Laserjet P1007 - Light/faint printouts

    I have an HP Laserjet P1007 printer. I use Windows 7 Ultimate OS. Driver version is v7.0. Printer is out of warranty. Economode is disabled in settings. The printer was functioning fine about 2-3 months ago without any problem. The problem is the printouts are very light/faint. They're...
  9. g_goyal2000

    Documents are shown in duplicate in Printer queue

    Hi, I have a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS. I have 2 printers - HP Deskjet F4288 All-in-One and HP Laserjet P1007. Laserjet is set as default printer. The problem I'm having is with the laserjet. The problem is, whenever I give command to print a document, it shows in...
  10. gsmsikar

    hp laserjet 1018 and windows 7

    i have a hp laserjet 1018 printer and i was using windows xp and it worked ok , but when i install windows 7 , my laserjet 1018 is not working /.... in the device manager it shows that the device is working properly but no printer is shown... it is driver problem .. please help me ..
  11. D

    Any suggestions for scanner which can do this?

    Hi guys, I need a scanner [USB] with which I should be able to put a paper and with one click [preferably on the scanner but if not possible then software based], I should be able to get a print. I remember seeing such ads long ago but dont know if the function is available on current scanners...
  12. M

    Sell HP Laserjet 3700 Colour Printer

    HI ! I want to sell printer. HP Laserjet Colur Model No. 3700. Perfect working condition. With genuine HP cartridges. Please give me your offers. Mahesh
  13. R


    hi friends hi friends i am planning to buy a laserjet printer.can u please suggest me a best laserjet printer.my budget is between 7000-10000 INR.
  14. F

    Budget Laserjet Printer Advice

    I am on a tight budget and on the lookout for a good laserjet printer. My requirements are: First and foremost and of the greatest weightage is for a printer whose ink can be easily refilled by me alone. A friend suggested that conventional laserjet printers run very nicely on some locally...
  15. hellknight

    HP 1018 LaserJet problem

    Hey guys i've just purchased HP LaserJet 1018 printer but its not installing on any linux distribution, i've even downloaded and installed the foo2zjas file from the internet and isntalled it but no luck. Please help
  16. debsuvra

    Want HP Laserjet 1020's driver for Mac OS X 10.4.9

    Hey guys! I have a HP Laserjet 1020 printer that is not detecting as a printer in my MAC OS X.:mad: It needs a driver to properly run, and the problem is that Apple didn't gave the support for the printer in their OS X.:mad: I tried Apple's website but no luck! :( Can you please give...
  17. linardni

    Level of toner....

    How may I know the level of toner in cartridge of HP Laserjet 1020 printer?
  18. hluachawngthu

    Is HP Laserjet 1020 economical?

    I am intending to buy HP Laserjet Printer 1020 Model. Is it reliable and economical? If not so, which model you suggest?
  19. linardni

    Laserjet how many prints?

    Can anyone tell how many A4 pages may be printed of a HP Laserjet 1020 Model Printer?
  20. Akshay

    HP laserjet 1010: Unsupported personality error

    I use HP Laserjet 1010 over lan. If print command is given from the computer to which it is connected, there is no error. But if print command is given from any network computer, it returns an error: "unsupported personality: PCL" This error is printed on the page and no error is shown...
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