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  1. Revolution

    Help Me To Find/Buy Desk Lamp for Drafting/Drawing

    Hi, I'm LF a adjustable desk lamp. I need for for my engineering drawing. Pls tell me where can I get desk lamp in Kolkata ? Doesn't matter online of local shop if price is reasonable. What may be approximate price ? I found the following link which may suit me but not available locally...
  2. saurabh kakkar

    where can i buy Lava Lamp in delhi ??

    I m really interested i buying a Lava lamp Can any one tell me where Can i buy Lava Lamp in delhi ?? and how much it will cost ??
  3. din

    Please suggest a distro - Server for a small office

    Thinking of making one PC Linux Server and other PCs win clients - for a small office. Main requirement is LAMP. Actually .... not main, whole requirement is LAMP :) At present I use XAMPP in Windows, but prefer to use Linux server. Which distro will be best suited for me ? I have Fedora...
  4. cool_dude_prav

    LAMP rocks!!!

    Don't you think that LAMP rocks!!! For the "What's Open Source?" type of guys, LAMP is the acronym for the free and open source web hosting based on Linux Apache server MySQL and PHP. So, vote below and make sure that you drive out the others from contention and bring in Open Source, FreeWare...
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