1. Anorion

    Mangalyaan has found Methane on Mars and is sitting on it

    so this tantalizing tidbit was hidden in the article... and there is no further explanation On Mangalyaan?s first anniversary, understanding the gains from India?s foray to Mars and the Moon - The Hindu In simple words, the Indian Mission to Mars has found the one of the strongest indicators...
  2. V

    Close encounter at midnight !

    Encounter at midnight!! N an early morning encounter on Thursday, five persons allegedly involved in two daring bank robberies in Chennai was shoot dead in a ‘encounter’in a gunbattle with the city police at Velachery in the early hours of Thursday. The suspects were identified as Chandrika Rey...
  3. Vyom

    Treat for sky gazers: Asteroids to Pass By very Close to Earth on Monday

    Close Encounter: Asteroid to kiss the earth on Monday
  4. krates

    8 X 10 Tasveer Review

    I went to watch "Fast and furious" but the movie is not launched here ... So went to watch "8 X 10 Tasveer". In the movie Akshay kumar has some illogical power that he can go in someone photo and watch what he was doing @ that time. Overall the movie was boring The actions were same as you...
  5. M

    BSNL to change billing system in 2-3 months

    State-run telecom firm Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd plans to switch over to the Call-Detail-Record (CDR) billing system for its 3.5-crore landline subscribers in the next two to three months. "Our landline billing system as of now works on a conventional technology, and we are unable to give a...
  6. praka123

    !!!Old Hindi Songs Lovers esp Mukesh,Rafi,Kishoreda et al share ur favourite songs!!!

    Look,I want to create this thread loong back,but now is the time :D I and many ppl will be enjoying the evergreen Songs of Mohd.Rafi saheb,Mukesh,Kishore Kumar etc. {you can add songs upto *1993* may be!if the songs are so good} Let us share Our favourite Old Hindi Songs here.post the film...
  7. S

    Help needed to buy mini-ITX MB and Processor

    Hi, Anybody can help me where i can purchase mini-itx / micro itx / nano itx board and processors in chennai. as well please help me where i can get the cabinets for that. thanks, Kumar S
  8. A

    Help Needed To Configure Dataone One Linux

    Hi, i am a total newbie to linux, any one plz help me in installing modem and connecting to internet on linux thanks in advance ashwin kumar
  9. J

    Is MS Antispyware a shareware?

    I downloaded and installed MS Antispyware into my Activated Win XP yesterday. It shows - "This version is valid for only 227 days. You may contact Microsoft for an updated version." Does it mean that it is not free with genuine Win XP and is to be purchased separately? Pl enlighten. V.Prem Kumar
  10. V

    Best mobile under 6000/-. Your suggestions plz

    I wanna buy cell phone under Rs 6000/-. Only Nokia. Please suggest best model for me. thanks varun ashish kumar
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