1. W

    Woman runs into glass door, bleeds to death

    Source: Kerala: Accident waiting to happen? Woman runs into glass door, bleeds to death | Kochi News - Times of India
  2. baiju

    [Query] Kingston RMA Cochin

    Does anyone know the service center of Kingston in Cochin? My Kingston data traveler pen drive is not working. As per the Kingston official website, Accel Frontline is the service provider at Kochi, but the phone number provided is not functional. I also tried the Call Center number of Kingston...
  3. Cyberghost

    Panic grips in Kochi as ball of fire spotted in sky

    Panic grips in Kochi as ball of fire spotted in sky Kochi: Panic gripped the central Kerala as a huge ball of fire was spotted falling from the sky at night on Friday. Residents of Fort Kochi, Paravur and Kolencheri experienced tremor while fireball was seen falling. No casualties have...
  4. newway01

    GTS 450 Graphics Card

    Hi, I'm looking for a GTS450 1Gb Card. Budget is 4.5k shipped. Someone got one up for sale, lemme know. Location: Kochi, Kerala.
  5. ajaybc

    Kochi IPL team comes up with a true WTF name

    Today Kochi IPL team came up with the most ridiculous name ever given to a sports team. INDI COMMANDOS And like that was not enough they later changed the name within 2 hours two an EPIC INDI COMMANDOS KERALA :shock::-x And even that was not enough for them and they went ahead and...
  6. D

    DCC Kochi

    Digit Community Chapter Kochi is exclusively for Kochi residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kochi.
  7. H

    Bomb blast to happen @ kerala

    Now, through the channel indiavision, a local one, i head the news of a mystery caller identified as mujahiddin warning about a bobm blast in kerala @ kochi city @ 7pm..... 9 mins to go and the caller repeatedly says kochi. he also says he's from pakistan... here's his number that can't be...
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