Help: To identify Keylogger

    Somebody cracked the admin passwords in our college computer lab and installed keyloggers. Is there any way to detect keyloggers and stop recording..........
  2. T

    The Best Anti-Keylogger Software !

    Keyscrambler I just thought this might be useful to people basically what this does is it encrypts your keystrokes so in the event that you are keylogged they will just receive a bunch of random characters for example n8\;2gc7'f;ut64 jdb64p-nusrj,28fbd[n[ w,\s, KeyScrambler Personal is a...
  3. C

    Anti Keylogger

    I m going to boarding school after 2 days with my laptop and they would be installing keyloggers and track everything we do. Is there any trick or software that would not let them track my keystrokes?:confused:
  4. redhat

    Keylogger for unsuspecting Home user?

    I have strong reasons to believe that my younger brother is addicted to pornography. But before I confront him, I want to be sure. I want to know some of the keyloggers that I can install on his computer without his knowing. Actually I need him to install it on his computer since we dont live...
  5. cyborg47


    hi, i wanna know what are keyloggers??? the only thing i know about it is they record keystrokes. What else it does? does it harm my PC?
  6. blackpearl

    Tool to defeat Keyloggers

    How Keyloggers Work? When you type on your keyboard, the keys travel along a path within the operating system before it arrives at your browser. Keyloggers plant themselves along this path and observe and record your keystrokes. The collected information is then sent to the criminals who will...
  7. fanatic

    keylogger wanna disable it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello everyone i have a pc with win xp installed on it i and my bro share the comp and my bro is really bcomin a pain in my a$$ .. he doesnt listen to what i say well ... i wanna ask u onething .. in windows xp can we set any policy or anything ... which can prevent him from...
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