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  1. I

    [Query] Huntkey India Customer Care/ Support Service

    Huntkey India Customer Care/Support Service Hello everyone. :wave: Does anyone know the helpline number(s) of/for Huntkey India's customer support service? I have a couple of pre-purchase related queries, and I am also keen to enquire about its authorised service centres, in or nearest to Goa...
  2. J

    42inch Plasma TV

    Friends, Kindly suggest me 42 inch plasma TV from PANASONIC. Need good picture quality, full HD, SMART tv and not very keen on 3D (but ready to buy if others features are worth). Budget--70k (can extend if needed). Thanks.
  3. oromis

    Thinkpad dilemma

    hey i'm starting my mba course later this month and am supposed to pick up a laptop for the same. having used thinkpads at work for over 2 years, i'm quite impressed with them. also, having read favorable reviews about them, i am keen to purchase one. however, most stores i see stock...
  4. Empirial

    Wave 3 Vs Omnia W

    Hi, My friend is a Nokia C6-01 user looking for an upgrade within a budget of 16k. He is not crazy for Apps/Games but GTalk, Y Messenger & Youtube Downloader is a must for him. I did suggest him to look at Nokia Belle phones but he isn't keen on buying another Nokia neither he is interested...
  5. sumit05

    Mizo man with 39 wives, 94 kids, is keen to keep marrying

    Mizo man with 39 wives, 94 kids, is keen to keep marrying
  6. C

    Blizzard in India

    I am wondering how many people would be playing Starcraft II in India and how many would be keen to pick Diablo III
  7. P

    Visual Studio .net (help!!!!!!!!!)

    Has anybody.....seen the learnvisualstudio.net videos.......... r they any good...... because i was keen on buying its subscription!!!! please...help
  8. K

    ea sports cricket 2006

    hi guys i wanna know tht when is this title releasing. i m a keen player of cricket.can u tell me the release date of it.
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