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Download problem in GPRS !

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I use Nokia 2626
I am a BSNL customer
I have GPRS activated.
My problem is when i download .jar files from the net i get it with an .ext extension and is not able to open it.
I use Google pages and a 50webs account for uploading the files.
Basically, i wite my homepage in html.
I have also tried wml, php, aspx and jsp !
But none of those work!
Please giv me the reason for the problem and the solution fo it.
If it is the problem of the phone, which one should i opt for? budjet=3K
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Dude, the problem is not in my pc it's on my phone!
please reply immediately.
atleast giv me the cause of d problem!


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i think the problem is with your phone, it also happened with my old 3220, there may be some Java versions problem


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It happenned on my nokia 5610. I just changed the extension to .zip and unzipped on my pc since no zip software for s40 phones
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