1. A

    png to jpeg freeware

    please suggesr freeware to convert png into jpeg format.want a downloadable version which doesnt require me o go online to convert
  2. harshilsharma63

    Convert nrw to jpeg

    Hi, I have a Nokia x2 00 which saves images taken with its camera in nrw format and then keeps on processing then to jpeg's in background. The problem is that due to this processing, after clicking 24 photos continusly, the camera becomes really slow, so slow that that it takes 34 s between two...
  3. ajayritik

    Problem with Moser Baer DVD Player

    There seems to be one strange issue that I have when I play DVD's on my Moser Baer DVD Player. If I have an JPEG files in the DVD as soon as I insert the DVD it starts showing the pics in slide form by default which I guess is auto run. I have tough time exploring the CD and trying to play other...
  4. avichandana20000

    Actually not rercovered

    I have recovered some .wav & .mpeg4 and some jpeg (in "good" condition) files from my micro sd card used in my mobile through Disk Recovery Software. BUT though they are recovered they cannot be played. When i click the jpeg file it is showing "INVALID IMAGE". For .wav & .mpeg4 it is showing...
  5. M

    image to word converter

    hello friends, I am looking for a software to convert scanned images such as jpg, jpeg to text file or word file for further processing.. kindly suggest some good softwares.
  6. Gauravs90

    With an eye to the future, try raw photos today

    If you enjoy photography, don't make the mistake I did. Using my then-new SLR in 2005 and 2006, I photographed everything from my new son to otherworldly canyons we visited in Utah. The only problem: the photos were taken only in JPEG format. JPEG is fine as far as it goes, and indeed for...
  7. hjpotter92

    JPEG with animation

    Is it possible that jpeg can retain animation with them. I have one file of that format with animation in it. How can the be created?
  8. H

    I Need converter

    Hello anybody can suggest me any jpeg to word converter. Thanking u Hidayath
  9. hluachawngthu

    Error in Windows Picture & Fax Viewer?

    I am unable to open JPEG Image Files by using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer since three days back. Other file format other than JPEG format can be viewed by this Viewer. How can this happen? How to solve the problem, as the device is very friendly for me? Pliz help.
  10. Kniwor

    JPEG Image compression help (Transferring image from digicam to PC)

    The problem is that when I connect my camera to PC and copy the images in memory stick to the comp, the image will usually take 2-3Mb of space if it's a 7Megapixel image. Now this is because the JPEG compression in camera is not done well, anyhow, to fix this what I can do is open the image in...
  11. JohnephSi

    JPEG image

    Plz tell how to change the resolution of a JPEG image.
  12. krates

    Why my image not look like what i created it ?? ( Check out )

    This is a very frequent question a photoshopist ask why does his image which was shown in photoshop does not look similar to the saved image the answer to this question is simple because when you click on save as an type in the file name you never bother to view the box which comes after it...
  13. H

    JPEG+AVI files

    Hi, I am using latest version of Nero. I want to write cd which can play JPEG files & avi both. Plz let me know how to do that? I dnt want to make JPEG file into MPEGAV bcz we cant copy the picture in that format. Could AVI should be convert into cd's player format before writing...
  14. S

    .emf to jpeg

    How to convert .emf file to Jpeg file?????
  15. S

    Need the MJPG (Motion JPEG) Encoder

    Please i need the mjpg (Motion JPEG) enoder since i need to encode a file specifically in this format. If anyone has it please post the links here Thanks
  16. C

    help needed creating PDF with novapdf lite

    I need to create a PDF document of a project report which consists of a the following documents - word .doc -exel sheet .xls -jpeg can somebody tell me how to combine all three into a single pdf document so that it can be mailed as an attachment.
  17. M

    djvu to bmp jpeg ?

    how to convert....some pages which r in djvu format to ..jpeg or bmp...... is there any way.....
  18. M

    IS it possible to extract text from BMP/JPEG image..?

    hi very important for me...... i have some scanned books planing to make notes very shortly some lines from every page but scanned pages means the form of jpeg and bmp. is there any way so i can extract text from scanned book pages......... so tell me is there any...
  19. ferrarif50

    Microsoft Unveils JPEG Alternative

    Source: * Microsoft has plans to take on JPEG with Windows Media Photo, Microsoft Watch reports. The format will be able to save higher quality images in half the space, Microsoft claims, and would supplement the company's XPS document standard.
  20. dIgItaL_BrAt

    Microsoft reveals JPEG rival

    Microsoft,in it's continuing quest for world domination,has just announced a competitor to the JPEG format. More info here.
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