1. baiju

    [For Sale] Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera

    For sale is my 4 months old Canon IXUS 170 Digital Camera. It has 20MP and 12X optical zoom. Product Name : Canon IXUS 170 Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera Rs.6369 Price in India - Buy Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera Black Online - Canon ...
  2. GhorMaanas

    Compact digicam within 8k

    Compact digicam within 10k Hello! a friend of mine needs to buy a P&S digicam for under 8k. i would've preferred to suggest one from lumix series, but can't find one within that range. what am seeing (on flipkart) are: nikon s2800, s3600, s3700, l30 sony w800, w810, w830 canon ixus 155...
  3. 5fusion

    need cheapest compact with Hdmi port & HD video!!

    Hey every1, need help to get a basic compact digicam. sole requirements are Hdmi port & HD videos. want it to b as cheap as possible as budget was arnd 6k & i stretchd a little to fit in these two features and shortlisted d following: >>Canon Ixus 115HS - 8.3k Canon IXUS 115 HS Point &...
  4. Xai

    Camera @ 7-10K Range

    Hi, I am a newbie to photography, and looking to buy my first digital camera. My previous camera was a Kodak KB10 - used 12 years ago! My budget is between 7-10K. Preferably, not to exceed 10K. Sweet spot would be 7-8K, but if it is justified, I can go up to 9-10K. I checked Canon...
  5. A

    Sony H90 vs. Canon IXUS 230 HS - which one do i pick?

    Hi I am an amateur photographer and used to own a basic digital camera till sometime back. I want to buy a sophisticated camera. I have a range of 13k -14k max. I primarily engage in outdoor photography so looking for high zoom cameras with 10+ mega pixel. After doing some basic web searches...
  6. theserpent

    ixus 115 vs sx150

    Well guys which one should i go for?
  7. D

    Canon IXUS 125 vs SX 220HS

    Hi Guys, i need ur suggestion on choosing a digital camera. Though IXUS 125 is better with 16MP,Digic 5 processor and compact, i have read very good reviews on SX220HS as it has 14x zoom and more, that has confused me in choosing between these. Kinldy suggest a best one.
  8. M

    Nikon L810 or Canon IXUS 230 HS...??? or Any??

    Dearzzz... I am a beginner in photography.. Im planning to purchase a cam within the range of Rs.15,000 After went through some websites i plan to buy Nikon L810(new launch) or Canon IXUS 230 HS... But i dont know about which one is really best. So i requesting u all to guide me to...
  9. pranav0091

    Canon Ixus 220 vs Nikon S6150

    A friend of mine wants to buy a point and shoot camera and asked me suggest one for her for under 10k. After a bit of searching i have zeroed in on the following models. Canon Ixus 220 Nikon S6150 The friend is a girl and as such i don't expect her to fiddle around with the settings too...
  10. J

    Digital camera

    Hi, Need camera for home use. Budget Rs 25000. Whats technical and practical difference between Powershot and Ixus of canon?
  11. P

    Suggest Point & Shoot Digital Camera

    This post is written after lots of research on P&S cameras, Looking for decent P&S Digital Camera. Have been using Canon PowerShot A570 IS & addicted to its very good clarity. Getting fed up due to its bulkiness & continuous problem of "Low batteries" message even with brand new Duracell...
  12. A

    Need help for buying Digital Camera....

    Please help me choose between Sony Cybershot T99, W350 or Canon IXUS 120 IS, IXUS 130...Help me choose one of the four...or recommend a better on if there is any within the same price bracket...HD recording is a must.....thanks in advance.....
  13. B

    Powershot Vs IXUS in Canon.

    Whats the difference between the two series Powershot and IXUS in Canon. Which to prefer. I am a total novice in photography.camera is used for taking photos in family functions and occasional family tours. I am inclined towards purchasing Digital IXUS 130 model from Canon. Whether...
  14. B

    Which Camera between Cannon IXUS or Sony Cybershot T-Series

    i need to choose between Cannon IXUS and Sony Cybershot DSC-T900/S and its come down to detailed specs and lens quality and i cannt really figure it out..please suggest the better choice. ..also if there is any other camera option between 18-25K range which allows HD movie recording please...
  15. ay_aceoo7


    I am using a canon ixus 70 camera recently i had a problem while connecting it wid my pc i received a littleshock whn i touched the camera..after conecting..SO PLZ GIV E SOME SOLUTION.....
  16. Indyan

    DigiCam - Budget= 10k

    I am looking to buy a digicam in the 10k range. Digit gave best performance award to A470 in this range. But they didnt review anything from the Cybershot series. So I was wondering if there is any cybershot model that would do better in this range? Also what is the current cost of SONY...
  17. Ganeshkumar

    Digital Camera - 4 Options! Help me to choose!!

    Hi :):) Help me in these 4 things.... i)W80 vs T70 ii)Also Canon IXUS 70 vs Canon Powershot A710IS Help me with these comparision... iii)2k difference between Canon iXUS 70 & 75 is worth?? I c only Display size differ! iv)Wat v call the lens in T series..?? Is that liquid...
  18. A

    35-140mm or 28-105mm?

    i'm in a dilemma, i've gotta choose between these two cameras... the Canon Ixus 850 IS and Canon Ixus 950 IS . One has a specific lens of 28-105mm, which is termed as a Wide Angle Lens, and the other has a lens of 35-140mm. Now i'd like to have a Wide angle lens but its focal lenght is till...
  19. I

    digital camera as webcam?

    hi i got a CANON DIGITAL IXUS i....ne1 kno if it can it b used as a webcam? how? thx
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