1. maddy_in65

    HP after sales service

    I bought compaq presario 6608au in october 2007. It is working fine till June 2008. However in the last month, when i start my laptop, i found that the sound is not working. I checked all settings, however the main sound was not working. I checked the sound with the headphone, however i got the...
  2. saurabh.sauron

    Opera 9.01 released

    Opera 9.01 has been released for Linux, Windows and Mac. * the existing opera users will be informed by the browser. couldnt find the changelog at their site...
  3. rajesh

    HELP!! My Rediffmail Account Deleted

    A weird thing has happened. I was able to login to my Rediff account till morning, but in the Evening it was giving an invalid username/password error. Then I tried using the forgot password option and to my shock it informed my account did not exist. :shock: :shock: That is my...
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