1. CommanderShawnzer

    CM notepal U2 or U3 for my laptop?

    i'm planning to buy one of these for my laptop it has serious heating issues on load it reaches 82 -85c and at 88c it shuts down my laptop is a 15.6 incher if anyone has used one of these C-pads how much temps does it lower? which one is better for my laptop?
  2. stonecaper

    HD 22 iNCHER / 7.5-8K

    Is it possible to Get a full HD 22 incher Under 7.5/8K? Will It run on My ATI Radeon Express200[ So big name for such a Babyish Card :)] GFx chipset? Also Please recommend any shop in kolkata from Where i can buy it
  3. aytus

    Dell Studio XPS 13 & 16 Laptops

    Hi , guys . so once again the rumor leaked from dell has materialized as ive posted in the 1530 thread and y,day dell "officially" launched the dell studio xps 1340 and 1640... also the laptops can now be customized at dell usa site ...
  4. D

    how to boot into my infected PC?

    My PC has been infected by virus ( allaple B for sure, there could be others) and the problem is I cannot boot even through the setup CD. After a few initial steps, the machine declares inability to load setupdd.sys file, and asks for a restart. Nothing changes after the restart. By the way, My...
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