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  1. Third Eye

    Best phone

    Hi all, My uncle needs a phone within a budget of 12k.He needs a loud phone,good sq through earphones only.I recommended him Samsung i450 or N78.Which is better of these two.
  2. rohan_mhtr

    15 day old Fully loaded Samsung i450 mobile with 4gb card

    Hi i recently purchased samsung i450 about 2 and half weeks before and now i want to sell it since this is not what i was looking for , I want to buy a touchscreen mobile with a better camera . I have all the accessories and bill along with it and it is as good as new since used only for 2 weeks...
  3. george101

    Best In-ear earphone for Samsung i450?

    guys am planning to get a 5800 for me and an i450 for my little brother, but i heard i450 cant handle earphones with more impedance, ie, high power consumption. can any1 recommend me the best set of in-ear earphone i can get for him so that the sound will be loud enough. i currently have ep630...
  4. rohan_mhtr

    Getting Samsung i450 , any other option ?

    Ok I lost my beloved n91 and i am currently using nokia 1100:x that has this horrible black and white display . Want to get rid of this phone quickly . Budget is strictly not more then Rs11000 and so i have shortlisted some phones and i450 seems most appropriate . I prefer good sound quality...
  5. S

    New phone Query 12k Nokia/Sony

    My friend want to buy a new phone. He wants a good screen size and good sound quality. Camera : Atleast 2.0 MP Screen : 240x320 and he opt Nokia/Sony (and he dont want 5610 as it has became common :mad:) These were my advices : N73(He dont want this too) SE G700 W595 W910...
  6. krates

    ROKR E8 vs I450 vs 5320 vs w890i

    Help me choose buying the phone in first week of september i am more into rokr e8.. :D Still 5320 and I450 and W890i got more features then it !@! help me out guyz !@!
  7. iatb.gourav

    Best Music Phone - Nokia N81 vs SE w910i vs Moto E8 vs Samsung i450 vs Apple iPhone ?

    Best Music Phone ... In terms of audio quality, loudness, interface, innovativeness, ease of use, and blah blah blah ... The nominatios are: Nokia N81 SE w910i Moto E8 Samsung i450 Apple iPhone What's your opinion ? (And tell me if I forgot any important phone in this category ?)
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