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  1. mikeon

    Wireless card for Huawei MT841

    I have a Huawei MT841 provided by BSNL, it has USB and Ethernet but also supports WI-Fi.It has a slot to put in a wireless card but I wasn't given this card, I wanted to know if I can buy this card, so I wanted to know what kind of a card it is exactly.I think its a PCMCIA card but I want to...
  2. bbalegere

    BSNl- HUAWEI MT841 Modem hangs.

    I have bsnl dataone home combo plan. My modem is huawei mt841 modem.It is the type IV modem. When I run a torrent client abd dowbload large files for about an hour or so, the modem hangs. The light get stuck and internet connection times out. please help me to fix this problem.
  3. S

    Help in Dataone SIEMENS C2110 modem

    experts i have 2 modems 1st one is Huawei and 2nd Siemens C2110.. Huawei modem is capable to auto configure (automatic login ) but i have no idea to configure Siemens c2110 modem plz send me the tutorial to configure c2110. bcoz i have 5 pcs if modem will configure there is no need to make...
  4. Abhishek Dwivedi

    BSNL HUAWEI smartax 880 Problem

    Hi, am using BSNL HUAWEI smartax 880 modem with DATAONE...am unable to download via utorrent or ne other torrent client... PORT which torrent uses is 43787 How do i port forward this in the above modem...plz reply soom
  5. R

    Phonebook transfer of Huawei C5320

    All, I have recently purchased a Huawei c5320 cdma Handset. Problem is my Phonebook on my computer is in a .csv format. Any idea about how I can convert the same to the .dat format (recognised by Huawei)? Please help as in the alternative, I would have to manually enter the whole phonebook...
  6. S

    Help:: need drivers for VISTA HUAWEI smart AX MT841 drivers

    Help:: I got a new Laptop with VIsta Home Basic Preloaded.. I need the drivers for the HUAWEI Smart Ax MT841 for the DATAONE BROADBAND connection.... Please help.....
  7. S

    vista modem for huawei ets 2251cdma desktop

    Anybody there who can assist on how to download vista modem for ets 2251 huawei Desktop to enable me connect to the internet through wireless network.
  8. I

    configuring home network on huawei wa1003a?

    Hi team, Just wanted to know whether it's possible to configure a local home network on huawei wa1003a that comes with dataone broadband? I do not know what to call this thing - is it a modem or a router? My intention is to play games like nfs on lan using wa1003a and also to connect to...
  9. koolbluez

    Reliance USB Huawei EC325 CDMA data modem installation

    Not sw troubleshootin prob... but a reliever for those with Vista 64bit(like me). Author note: I ran into real problems with my new Reliance USB Huawei EC325 CDMA data modem, not to mention the most $hitty customer service I ever came across. This help is for those who already took the...
  10. praka123

    Huawei smartax mt 880-can i downgrade firmware?

    I got dataone with Huawei smartax mt 880 router/modem.now i flashed to the latest available firmware,feels its buggy- Now i want to know whether any harm with downgrading to stable firmware @may-2005 :
  11. GeekyBoy


    How can I configure my Huawei MT 841 for use with the Azeureus Torrent Client ?
  12. MambaXL

    i m doomed , plz help me

    i have upgraded my huawei mt882's firmware to a version dated july 6th 2005. now the problem is my router is mt882 , and after upgrade , it has become mt880. also i m facing many line drops. my network activity gets disconnected frequently. i should not have upgraded the firmware ( it was june...
  13. joey_182


    I m using HUAWEI WA1003A wireless ADSL router... i want to upgrade firmware of my router... so guys can u provide me link for this..(latest firmware )?? Support Information: Device Type: Network Adapter Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Co., Model: quidway wa1003a Interface: USB...
  14. K

    newbie needs help with huawei modem

    hey guys, i got a huawei modem wa1003a model...the thing is that i need to transfer files from my comp to the laptop is there any way i can use the wireless connectivity for transferring files....also can i connect more comps to the modem without using a wireless card(ie have 2 comps connected...
  15. abhijit_reddevil

    How to forward ports in Huawei Wa1003a series ADSL router?

    Hi, As part of the new dataone connection, BSNL has given me type-II modem (type-I not available), Huawei WA1003A series wireless router. I searched www.portforward.com and other sites but could not find procedure to forward ports to accept incoming connections from utorrent. I am using port...
  16. eagle_y2j

    Where is web based Configuration Manager of huawei WA1003A

    I have connected my PC with Huawei WA1003A using USB and configured TCP/IP settings but then also I can't acess web based Configuration Manager of huawei WA1003A on typing following URL says page not found........... Plz help
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