1. Apollo

    We don't need no... homework! YAY!!

    Remember all the time you spent doing homework cooped up inside your house, trying to pay attention to what's inside your textbook while all your friends were busy playing cricket or football downstairs and creating an unusually loud ruckus? Distracting you to the maximum? Turns out, homework's...
  2. A

    How online tutors helps Student

    I would like to know how online tutors are helpful for student in their study and homework help.
  3. D

    System analysis and design

    System analysis and design Homework management system A lot of students still seem to have problems with planning their homework. You have been awarded a project to propose a solution to these problems. This project targets the students already studying at the university who have problems...
  4. P

    Accounting homewok help

    Can’t do Accounting Homework? Email me your accounting homework & accounting assignments & I will send you back the solutions. In addition to Accounting homework help & accounting assignments help, I also help in online accounting exams, online accounting tests & tutoring, accounting word...
  5. alexanderthegreat

    The Homework Thread

    There wasn't one so I thought I ought to create this. Anyhow, use this thread to post any homework (or even otherwise) question you've got... Think it's a downright outrageously idiotic idea? No problem... ignore this stuff and let this thread die. Someone please answer a problem in maths...
  6. S

    Look mom, I outsourced my homework to India!!!

    Source If this continues to happen, it will be good for India. Looks like the students who do these won't be eligible for a proper CODING job. Will have a very bad effect on them. I am wondering what else can they think of Outsourcing. :rolleyes: :D
  7. H

    Little Homework Help

    Hi I have been given a chemsitry homework, about make a presentation/animation about a redox reaction. Can you give any pointers as where I should start?
  8. GeekyBoy

    Computer Holiday Homework : Help !!

    How can I advertise a product (like Microsoft Windows Vista) by using a powerpoint presentation?There should be 8 slides. (It has been given to us as a Summer holiday homework) Thanks in advance.
  9. baccilus

    Installing Linux in my college computers. Help this nooby!

    I somehow convinced the people to install linux on the comps. I tried to install Ubuntu 6.06 but couldn't. It formatted the hard drive but then everything is a little confusing. I had installed it at home too and was stuck at the same step but then managed somehow. Now they want Fedora core on...
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