1. anandk

    dont instal Comodo Anti-Virus !!!

    "Imagine this: A reputable security company releases an eternally-free, "enterprise-class," anti-malware engine that doesn't waste CPU cycles, or otherwise molest your machine. Windows users rejoice that they can surf without fear of PTM (Porn-Transmitted Malware), and they line up to buy the...
  2. ShekharPalash

    Outlook Holidays??

    Outlook Holidays?? In my Outlook Calendar I added Indian Holidays yesterday. [Tools > Options > Calendar Options > Add Holidays... > India] Then I closed Outlook after a Send/Receive. Today when I opened it... all holiday are listed twice... like on 15 Aug. entry for Indian...
  3. ShekharPalash

    Windows Winter Fun Pack 2004

    Yesterday Microsoft released Windows Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V from Microsoft Web about it.... Download = 19.4 MB, Requires Genuine Windows to download
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