1. drsethi

    Linus Torvalds is a Hero!

    According to Time Magazine's latest edition, Linus Torvalds is officially a hero! Linus is cited in the "Rebels & Leaders" category along with Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and others. In the article 60 Years of Heroes, Linus Torvlads was selected one of the heroes of the...
  2. abhijit_reddevil

    Company of Heroes discussion

    Hi, Created this thread where you can post all strategies, cheats, walkthroughs, etc related to the awesome game "Company of Heroes". I was playing this game at my friend's place and this is just awesome. I particularly liked the feature where you can zoom down to the first person level. Also...
  3. Thor

    Heroes of Might and Magic 5

    2.4 GB Game. Seems like a great one. Yes. Heroes of Might and Magic 5, just Installed, the Intro Video seemed reallly Cool Any one tried it out here ? Tips, Strategy to survive wud be most welcome <<Yea Yea I know there r GameFaq, GameSpy, IGN...etc etc ..But luv to hear some HmeMade...
  4. N

    Which game are u playing

    How many games r installed on your computer and which game/games r u playing I am playing Duke Nukem:Manhattan Project and demo of company of heroes
  5. Hells_Fury

    Warcraft 3 - Defence of the Ancients (DoTA)

    Any DoTA players out here? This game rocks!! I would rate it the best multiplayer game. Post your reviews, hero guides, fav heroes, etc here. I like Drow Ranger, Venomancer, Skeleton King, and a few others.
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