1. A

    hw to earn online?

    hey guys i am currently having lots of free time and want to know how to earn online? please help!!!:-)
  2. R

    DVD writer woes

    Hey frnds, I m facing prblms wid my dvd writer .whenever i use CD's it works fine bt it does'nt read DVD's.pllease help!:-?
  3. sujoyp

    Execise bike vs trademill

    Hi guys....I wanna do some exercise at home so planning to get a exercise cycle..some says that trademill is very effective but it cost 3 time of exercise cycle.. What u guys suggest...please help:-) Also They have chain exercise cycle and rubber belt cycle...what should I get..:-) I...
  4. static_x

    Suggest a Motherboard

    Dear Friends, I'm planning to buy a new motherboard. Please advice me which one to buy. My budget is limited to 7-8k. I'm confused about the chipset. I'll go for an ASUS mobo but only thing is the chipset. Please help!!:-(
  5. ajaybc

    Help-"********* ****** ** ***** ********" in ****

    Whenever I try to connect to any cr***ed server in ************** I get the error "***********************************".Please help me.
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