1. T

    Do i really need RAM with heat sink for gaming

    Dear sirs i am gonna buy 8 gb ram ddr3. 1600mhz. I saw plain ram are more cheaper then vengeance and ripjaws x. My question is that since i will only do gaming without overclocking ever do i need heat sink rams of those models. My specs are fx 6300 gigabyte 78lmt-usb3...
  2. P

    CPU hotter than it was

    hi 6 years before I assembled a rig with Athlon II X2 Regor 240 When I started the PC it used to show 26 degree, But now it is showing 36 Looks like heat sink or fan is malfunctioning Now what do you think I should do? Shall I replace the heat sink or just fan? Or do you think something...
  3. S

    Mobile within 10k budget

    Hi guys, please suggest me a mobile within strict 10k with below features: 1. Good battery backup(at least one day backup with average use). 2. 4.5 inch+ screen size. 3. No excess heat. 4. Expandable memory. 5. Dual sim(optional) Thanks for the help guys.
  4. rakesh_sharma23

    HyperX FURY DDR4 2666MHz Memory Review

    HyperX FURY DDR4 2666MHz Memory Review HyperX FURY series performance DDR4 memory kit represents a completely unique desktop memory, quite popular with Intel X99 platform users, fulfills the memory bandwidth needs for gaming or the extreme high-end desktop platform. Now with...
  5. demoninside9

    What makes a mobile heat

    Hi guys, I want to know about the factors which makes a mobile heat. Is it processor, ram, motherboard. And also please let me know if anyone using Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML. It is having heating problem? Thanks
  6. tkin

    Suggest a replacement for LG G2 under 25k

    Hi Guys, my LG G2 just died today, well technically its not dead, but after it heated up while taking snaps, its dead to me :-? The G2 is heating up significantly the past couple of weeks. Mild heating was common, during 3g streaming etc, but now its practically heating up like a furnace during...
  7. B

    [Honest Review] Laptop Cooling Fan pad- Xpro Xp-277

    Hello There! I Brought 2 of These products and got delivered in a week on COD From Amazon 1 Superb Packaging with by Amazon with Bubble pillows and overall cartoon Box, Delivery time was about a week. 2. The product received as advertised. here is my Review- My poor HDDs were touching 48.C...
  8. S

    Cooler Master Hyper 212X & NZXT Gamma

    Im planning to get the CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212X. But not sure if it will fit in my cabinet. I have an NZXT Gamma. Your help would be appreciated. Dimensions from their respective website. Heatsink Dimension 120 x 79 x 158 mm / 4.7 x 3.1 x 6.2 inch Heat Sink Dimensions...
  9. rakesh_sharma23

    How a dead GFX Card is made alive professionally

    How a dead GFX Card is made alive professionally. In this article I will show you how a dead graphics card is repaired. No oven baking, no do-it-yourself type trikes, just a pure professional repairs. Meet the victim, my old no display, dead ATI-Radeon X1650 graphics card. Removing the...
  10. win32.tr0jan

    Lenovo Z510 Heating

    Hello World! I have a Lenovo Z510 with 740m in it. It heats up during gaming upto 65 degrees, which is quite normal. But the problem I am having is that, after sometime, the side vents become too hot and makes the whole keyboard hot because of the cheap plastic these Chinese manufacturers...
  11. A

    post beep error 1 long beep and 2 short beep

    hello all first of all i have been back after a long time as i am facing a very strange issue which is first time with my pc to start with i have amd phenom x2 545 process and asus mobo m4n68t recently around last 30 days my pc was getting switched off automatically just like by power cut...
  12. Genius-jatt

    Method Describing How to Reduce Heat of Graphics or Video cards ?

    Method Describing How to Reduce Heat of Graphics or Video cards ? Friends One day I was very frustrated as I saw my Graphics-card get suddenly heated very much,While playing GTA-IV. So at the spot I shut down my PC. Next day I have an idea as I know some Hardware, I get an OLD HEAT-SINK from...
  13. bssunilreddy

    Coolermaster Hyper 103 (CPU Cooler)

    Hai, Coolermaster Released their new cooler from "Hyper" stables called Coolermaster Hyper 103. Code: RR-H103-22PB-R1 The Cooler Master Hyper 103 is an affordable mainstream Heatsink delivering great cooling performance on all modern platforms thanks to the special fin design with Cooler...
  14. A

    will this laptop work

    what about this config frnds?? (APU Quad Core A10 processor 8GB ram 1TB hdd 2.5GB Graphics card m freak of heat issues of proccessor i want to use it for gaming??
  15. R

    Laminating External HDD

    I have wrapped my new Seagate external 500gb HDD in a rubber mat permanently( even wen using ) to prevent scratches. was wondering any heat dissipation problems due to covering the HDD. please advice
  16. sam9953

    What steps can I take to remove game lags, freeze etc in FIFA 13

    Hi, I am using a HP G6 2005ax. I am an avid FIFA 13 player and sometimes I see lags and slowing down of game and screen crystalization while playing the game, these days I have seen that my laptop has started to heat quite a lot when I play FIFA 13. So I would like to know what steps can I...
  17. K

    Need suggestion for CPU cooler and Heat compund

    Hi, I am having AMD Phenom II x4 945 (95 w) processor with ASUS M2N68-AM Plus. From few days I am seeing that my normal CPU temp is around 65 C, and little load like playing HD movie it goes around 77 C. I am not overclocking any thing. Do I need to buy a CPU cooler, or I just need to change...
  18. harshilsharma63

    Nvidia unleashes the Titan

    Nvidia has finally lift the curtain off its GK110 based desktop GPU and maximumPC has reviewed it too. Although already present in the form of business computer and supercomputer, the GK110 has been officially released for desktop by Nviidia.Main features:> Double the performance of GTX680 with...
  19. L

    Need gaming laptop under 40 thousand

    dear friends, i am looking for a gaming laptop under 40k (prefer 3rd Gen i5 processor). Usage: some gaming and some high level coding stuff. some laptop issues i am facing with my old laptop, i don't need in the new one, LIKE: Heat issue, low graphics, performance lag etc any LAPTOP...
  20. $ingh

    Cooler Master TPC 812 Review

    Introduction:- Cooler Master, the well-established cooling product company, released the TPC-812 air cooler with it’s latest innovation “vertical vapor chambers”. Cooler Master did an excellent job on the TPC-812 cooler, using two separate methods for heat dissipation: heatpipes along with a...
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