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  1. G

    Embedded Linux

    Hi guys :-D Can someone with knowledge on embedded computing throw some light on embedded linux and how significant is opportunities in it. I am pretty much intrested in harware hacking but dont know where to start to build devices like these especially RTOS
  2. avi1708

    how to turn LAN internet into wireless??

    i'm connected to the net through a lan network(the service provider provides a cable which i connect to my lan card). :confused:is there any way(or rather any harware) than can divide this connection between the pc and a laptop(wired for the pc & wi-fi for the lappy) ??? my pc's mb dosent have...
  3. Edburg

    My PC is freezing frequently...help

    I had replaced my motherborad(zebronics 845GV),RAM recently bcos of some failures.... but ever since i did that my system is freezing freqently......restarting is the only option then... when i run torrents or normal browsing it stays alive for a few hours.....when i switch on the songs or...
  4. H

    Vista over XP...... Urgent advice needed

    i wanna if i can use vista over xp.... wht i wanna know is ..are most 3rd party softwares compatable in vista.... and will i get the drivers update for my harware... mine is a AMD 4200+ with asus m2n motherboard....:razz:
  5. A

    hardware query

    anyone know where to find the latest harware nd cheapest deals in hyderabad.
  6. J

    online harsware course

    hello friends pls tell me if there any website in india or ny where in world where i can learn online harware instllation & basic and advanced fault repairing course. i know how to assemble but don't know to repir. pls help. i cn't aafford costly courses from institutes of hardwres. so i want...
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