1. Vyom

    Decision of Google not to support GTalk: A rant

    So I got this mail today: Now, I have got such emails from Google before and I didn't particularly got bothered by it, until today my GTalk blocked me completely from logging. Google tells me to try this new shiny Hangout app for which I need Chrome. I don't want to use Chrome. Neither I...
  2. iinfi

    google talk update?

    has google ever updated their gtalk version? ..this came out in 2006 .... they v done some tweaks to their browser version .. but nothing to the gtalk desktop edition? wat say?.. who uses gtalk... who uses the desktop editon ... (expected responses) ;)
  3. go4saket

    Problem with friendlist in Orkut & Gtalk

    Hello friends! I had been using gtalk to communicate with all my Orkut friends but recently I marked that none of my orkut friends are there in my gtalk list. I ten logged into my gmail account to check my contacts and to my surprise, all my contacts were gone. Then I logged into my Orkut...
  4. iinfi

    google talk on mobile

    can i get google talk for my nokia e63?? is it possible to get gtalk for nokia e63 ...
  5. N

    Facebook and Gtalk on mobile

    yes spicelabs recently launched a new platform MITR wghich support all the mobile set try it in any one spice application on the which have facebook, gtalk, twitter, news , games, email and mANY MORE THING download it from with in 5 second u can ready with the application
  6. ritesh.techie

    All GTalk Bots at one place

    GTalk, todays most used IMs in the world, a product of Google. But most of you don't know in spite of Chatting what else GTalk can do for you, to name a few services GTalk can be used to send you reminders, directly tweeting and digging etc. You can add all these interesting feature in your...
  7. Ecko

    Wanna Call in Gtalk Uisng PidGin

    We'll Guyz I've tried infinite sources to search for the solution but in cain A complete answer will be greatly appreciated on How to call using Pidgin (@ Gtalk)
  8. ax3

    all orkut frds\contacts in Gtalk ! ! !

    ppl, how 2 get my orkut contacts in Gtalk ??? i cannot find any settings in orkut & gmail options ... as per their help pg ...
  9. S

    How to Disable Chat in Orkut

    Please let me know how to disable chat in orkut. I tried doing it thru the settings page,but i can disable it only for some people. For others,it says that you have enabled them thru some other application. i checked in GTalk client,but cant find anything. Its very annoying. Pls help me out
  10. aytus

    Which is the Best AIO Messenger with support for Voice and Video??

    Tried forum search .. coudnt find an answer. well i mostly use gtalk. but most of my friends use yahoo.. and some hotmail too. i use skype to chat wid family .. lol.. now i want a chat client which shud support all big names ..but shud also support voice and video calls.. shud have good clarity...
  11. A

    Gtalk memory usage

    Problem: Over time gtalk consumes a lot of memory 200Mb. Description: I had seen many times that gtalk consumes a lot of memory close to 200Mb some time. I subscribed to the gtalk IBN alearts. they usually sends update message every 30 min or so. while the system boots the gtalk size is 13M...
  12. red_devil

    pidgin problem

    hey guys i'm having ubuntu 8.10 on my pc..pidgin [which comes preloaded on that distro] is giving me some problems... i cannot seem to be able to log into GTalk through Pidgin... i've added my Y! account and it works fine but somehow GTalk is a problem... Pidgin says "failed to connect" after...
  13. T

    Chat feature working for you in Orkut?

    Anyone knows why I am always getting an error when I try to sign in to gtalk network from inside Orkut? Using firefox 3.0.4 on Fedora 10
  14. T link a virus or just a hoax?

    I heard that gtalk users are getting a virus through a link to site through gtalk IM. I too got a IM from a friend's account which I think sent by someone else. Any info? No need to worry for me as I use linux, but still want to know. Read this as well
  15. the.kaushik

    Schedule your Gtalk to Kill

    This is a very easy tutorial. Just a batch script do the job but has been really helpful for me. Has this ever happened to you. You logged in to gtalk in your office. Now you came home and remembered that you forgot to sign it off and now when you sign in here if some one pings you the...
  16. ax3

    Which IM do u use ???

    As title suggest ...... which 1 ....... Msn Yahoo Gtalk Trillian Pidgin Icq Aol
  17. smile

    Need Help??

    Hi..................Everyone :o I want to know any websites or a chat tools where i can have multiple messengers like yahoo, gtalk, rediff bol and messenger????
  18. R

    how to invisible in gtalk?

    how to invisible in gtalk?
  19. K

    Gtalk in N82

    Guy's i have N82.. Give me some idea how to get install gtalk(application that support gtalk) in my mobile.. it's good it's freeware..
  20. R

    gtalk sign in problem

    The sign in button in gtalk is disabled in my client machine in a network.I m using winxp and the firewall is disabled.Help.
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