1. T

    Rig Suggestion for Budget Gaming.

    I am planning on upgrading my rig with a budget of 25k. The good part being that I already own the gpu, psu and chassis. I already own: Nvidia Zotac 1050ti OC 4GB. Corsair GS600. Zebronics Fantasy Gaming Chassis. The following are what I'm planning to buy within a budget of 25k: AMD Ryzen 3...
  2. D

    Graphics card 10k-12k

    Guys, need some ideas about which graphics card to buy. Am based out of bangalore, so will probably be going to SP road for the parts ... any suggestions on where i can get it @ a good price ... Thanks in advance ppl :) 1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company...
  3. Fenix21

    {urgent} suggest me a GPU Budget 20-23k

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? Ans: Corsair GS600 2. What is your budget? Ans:20-23k 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans:1080p 4. What are your current computer specifications? Ans: Processor : Intel core i5 2320 3GHz Motherboard : Intel DH67BL Ram ...
  4. A

    Corsair GS600 needed..

    first of all i am not sure if this is the right section for this post, so Admins please move the post if you have to. two days ago, when i switched on my cpu, smoke came out of it with a popping sound. Guy from the local computer store told me that my corsair gs600 psu has failed due to...
  5. J

    Help psu fan not spinning

    I got a replacement power supply. The new model of the GS600. The fan spins when I power the system on but then stops. I called up corsair and the guy said that the newer model of the GS600 has automatic fan control and that it will automatically spin when the psu crosses a certain...
  6. P

    GPU within 12k

    i have i7 2600k cpu and H77 mobo with corsair gs600 psu , plz suggest me a gud GPU under 12k :) thnxx
  7. N@m@n

    Corsair GS600 vs TX650...

    What are the difference between the two PSU :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?
  8. anikahead2010

    Which to pick?

    Which among these will do: 1>NZXT BETA EVO 2>NZXT GAMMA 3>NZXT Source 210 Elite The price difference is not so much.Please help. Also need a psu up to 4k? Where can i find GS600 for 4k? Every shop quotes it at 4.5k or more? Ty for all help. :razz:
  9. darkv0id

    Amperage for Corsair GS600

    HI. I recently got my PC assembled(i5 2400+ GIGABYTE HD7850). My PSU, the GS600 specifies it's input current as 8-12 A. But my UPS has an 8 ampere fuse:sad:. The retailer told me that my rig should run fine using a 6 A plug. Is he right? Or will I have to buy a new UPS?
  10. xynidexxx

    Lynx india or Theitwares?

    I'm really stuck at buying the CORSAIR GS600 power supply which i will be solely buying for my new asus 560ti graphics card. I have checked and compared nearly all the reputable e-tailers(there aren't many:lol:)to just compare the prices and to my dismay only three:-? listed gs 600 on their...
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