1. H

    If TATA builds its port at Dhamra, Olive Ridley turtles will pay the ultimate price

    hello friends, many of my friends must not know the issue what am i talking about. i am a not working for TATA or greenpeace. today i just got a mailed from greenpeace .this is an organisation which is fighting agianst TATA who are building the so called DHARMA port in orissa...
  2. Third Eye

    Sony Ericsson Most Environment Friendly Company

    Source Companies ranking.
  3. nepcker

    Jobs addresses Leopard, iPHONE, environment at shareholder meeting

    Jobs: 'I make fifty cents just for showing up' At Apple’s annual shareholders meeting in Cupertino on Thursday, Steve Jobs and other company executives heard criticism about the company’s stock-options scandal and the recently announced delay of of the forthcoming Leopard version of Mac...
  4. tarey_g

    Greenpeace Slams Apple, Lauds Lenovo as "Greenest" PC Maker

    Environmental group Greenpeace has named Lenovo as the most ecologically friendly electronics maker in the world, while the lowest marks went to Apple Computer for its contribution to "toxic tech". In its just-released Guide to Greener Electronics (PDF), the activist organization rated...
  5. Aberforth

    Nuclear India or Nuke Free India?

    Taking a walk down my block I came across some Greenpeace activists who loaded me with pamphlets and asked me to join it. I came home and read the pamphlets and came across the WMD section where greenpeace is campaigning about India's WMDs aka Nuclear Weapons. They think India should...
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