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  1. Tech.Masti

    how many watts, a 2.1 speaker typically consumes??

    this may sounds strange, but got no answer even after some googling.... just wants to know, how many watts a 2.1 speaker consumes.... can anyone tell me?? just curious to know.. thanx
  2. T

    C Interview questions resources

    Urgently need some resources for brushing up C skills to face a telephonic interview tomorrow. Please help :-). Did some googling, http://www.indiabix.com/technical/c/the-c-language-basics/ http://www.allinterview.com
  3. S

    Comaprision Between HCL and HP laptop

    Hi frnzs, Me and my friend were debating on which of the laptop brand is good. He was on the side of HCl ( He owns ME AE1V2661-X laptop) and i on HP ( Planning for g6-2005ax). After debating for some half an hour we thought why not ask the expert's show after googling we are here. So...
  4. avinandan012

    HYDERABAD - Need service centre name & adrress

    Does anyone from here have name & address of service centres of these companies in Hyderabad 1) Trancend ( One new 2 GB RAM DDR2 module is not working) 2) XFX (9600GT 512MB not working) tried googling but the phone numbers coming , when called upon it says number does not exist
  5. cute.bandar

    How to find if a site is legit

    I came across this website: retailmart.com . Found a nice cheap book there. BUT how does one know whether the site is legit ? I tried googling around a bit, but got nothing conclusive... anything else?
  6. Ron

    Chnage OS Language in Win Xp Pro.

    I got a laptop whose default OS language is CHINESE..I need to change the OS langauge to English. Kindly suggest me possible ways. I tried Googling but was useless. Downloading MUI and changing setting from Regional & Lan didnot worked.. Thnks in Adv
  7. avichandana20000

    Gpu required.

    my friend's config: Motherboard – DG31PR RAM – DDR2 (2GB) PROCESSOR – C2D 2.93-E7500 SMPS – 450W Frontech Slot – PCI –Express x16 Cabinet Frontech Jaguar Cabinet Space – distance between two panel 13cm After googling i found NVIDIA Geforce 9800. What else can be used? Budget...
  8. ithehappy

    Great Website's for Best Desktop Walls

    Please share it here. Done googling...:)
  9. D

    Installing XP In USB

    Installing XP from USB My DVD drive is no more.I want to Install XP using my pendrive. I have tried some stuffs by googling it...but nothing worked out fully..
  10. abhi.eternal

    Need professional career help : PG

    My gf completed her MSc (Bio-Tech) and is now working in EnY. She wanted to take up IPR but Intellecture , one of the best training providers in India, said it is a bad idea as hardly anyone gets through in the first attempt and usually needs more than three attempts. She has become...
  11. M

    unsubscribe from 55382 jokes

    hey guys, i subscribed for a jokes service on 55382. (send SUB FUN to 55382) But the jokes are of the non-veg variety. I want to unsubscribe from the service now but don't know how to do it. I've tried googling it, but in vain. sending UNSUB FUN to 55382 doesn't work. The service charges...
  12. R

    MAC OS X on my PC: How to ?

    Hi all, I've been reading a lot about apple shifting its architechture so that MAC OS X can now be "technically" installed on PCs as well. Also after looking at some successful guides to do so while googling i think i woulod likebto install it. Can anyone please give the correct instructions as...
  13. amitabhishek

    Black Browser,anyone?

    While Googling for Firefox fork(s). I bumped into this....browser for the Afro/American community! http://www.blackbirdhome.com/index.html
  14. sachin_kothari

    XML Database for Blogs

    I am planning to develop a web app for Blogging in PHP. I would like to know if it would be feasible to store all the the data in XML database or MySQL database in terms of speed and effeciency. I tried googling for it but could not find anything informative and rest was too confusing. Also...
  15. sushan

    Office xp 2000 for backup

    Dear frens, I am looking for office 2000 for xp sp2 for my backup which i have searched googling but not yet found,pls suggest me.Thanks
  16. R

    Javascript text under mouse

    Is there anyway in javascript I can get the text under the mouse cursor, or atleast the element under the cursor? I've done all the googling I could to no avail.
  17. max_demon

    ADSL modem Driver needed.URGENT.

    Hello yesterday i tried to use USB as my modem's default connecting option . because th LAN cable is very short . so i connected it with it . but the device needs drivers to reconize , i later found after googling that this driver may work http://www.filestock.com/download/download2.php?id=114...
  18. H

    FORUM - Appearance !

    CHANE THE RED FONT OF DIGIT FORUM, for voting, send in your opinion. I am very uncomfortable with this, theme. For the moderators and admins, : Try googling in a while! http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=vbulletin+themes&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 and for free...
  19. S


    A few days back there was a software featured on Lifehacker called DirUtils...can someone host the executable file as the links to download the same on LH are not working...googling also didn't help...it's a great piece of software..read on...
  20. vandit

    needed .flv player for s60 v2

    Hi guys !! I have a nokia 6681...I need a .flv player for it....plz give me some links...I tried googling but in vain..
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