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  1. B

    Hello All

    I am newbie over this forum and I am very glad to join this forum.:lol:
  2. P


    Hello everyone..I am pragya newbie here...Glad to become member of this forum...
  3. M

    Lenovo or HP

    Hey, I want to buy a laptop upto 45k. It would be my third one... 1. Compaq presario 2. dell studio I dont want to use dell any more.... I heard a lot in negative of sony vaio. So m really looking forward for lenovo or HP !!!! glad if you could suggest me which one is better ??? I...
  4. A


    I WAS THINking of buying nokia c2-06, would be glad to here about its working
  5. C

    What is Geothermal Energy

    hello to every one my name is nomi..glad to be here
  6. hluachawngthu

    Systematic study of Mobile Phone!

    I am planning to learn Mobile Repairing & Servicing in my locality. Before getting admission, I want to know all about the course to be covered. Can anyone tell me most popular course of Mobile repairing n servicing. I will be very glad if you could tell me a complete syllabus for the same. If...
  7. skghosh44

    Check Digit

    Here is some 11 digit numbers. The first 10 digit are actual Number and the 11th digit is a check digit. Now I wish to know how to find out the last digit i.e the check digit. 1077631548-1 1077631688-1 1077631790-9 1077631810-8 1077631874-3 I shall be glad to know the formula/procedure to...
  8. Crazykiller

    A really Funny Poem

    Plzzzzzz Read it till the end. I promise you wont be disappointed. ============================ She whispered 'will it hurt me? ' 'Of course not' answered he 'It's a very simple process, You can rely on me.' She said 'I'm very frightened, I've not had this before. My friend has had it...
  9. Ron

    Software: Need to make a Dictionary

    Guys, I want to make a program somewht like a e-dictionary where a user must be able to enter the text in the search box so tht similar content will be displayed and hey i dont know any prgramin language...only lil bit of c++.....hence i will be glad if u gud giv me the soruce code and the...
  10. H

    The PowerHouse, that is Linux!

    Well needs no intro for people here, but I managed to do something I only dreamed of. Check the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmB8S9HIzJY Look at this baby run...:D (..do keep an eye on background also..) Though my rig is by no means average, yet still it amazes me everytime of the...
  11. D

    Buying A New PC of 55 Grand

    hiii everyone this is my first post new to this forum.need help buying a new system. Plz tell me what best i can get for 55 grands.basically i will be using it for 50%games,30%movies and as tv,20% surfing.dont know why but most of the people r AMD fan here but i m not and even dont have much...
  12. KoRn


    i want to tell u guys if u hav heard about emulators.the things used to play various consoles on ur pc.such as ps1 ps2xbox and GBAetc.contact me isf u need any help guys ill be glad 2 help regarding dis.if u wanna know how and where to get the games contact me.i knew about these emulators since...
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