1. rakesh_sharma23

    Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Review

    Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Review Today we are having a look at an Overclocking focused X99 motherboard offering from Gigabyte, the X99-SOC Champion. Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion comes with some top notch feathers for stable and higher overclocking, like 8 phase digital VRM with server grade...
  2. rakesh_sharma23

    Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK Board Review

    Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK Board Review With every new chipset launch we see couple of motherboards standing apart from rest of the crowd; in terms of features, innovation, and performance. Gigabyte’s Ultra durable Z97x-GAMING G1-WIFI Black Edition board is one of such board. Based on the...
  3. rakesh_sharma23

    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC Motherboard Review

    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC Motherboard Review Many motherboard manufactures are offers many Overclocking features in their premium board segments. But on the other hand Gigabyte is offering a whole Overclocking series of boards designed for enthusiasts and professional overclockers...
  4. I

    GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion breaks XTU world record and highest DDR4 memory frequency

    HWBOT lit up today with some more scores from GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion coupled with DDR4 and 5960X CPU. First score was the highest DDR4 memory frequency done by hicookie. New DDR4 frequency top score was set with Corsair DDR4 memory and it stands at DDR4-4326 (2163.3MHz). HWBOT score...
  5. T

    Unboxing The Champion.. Gigabyte x99 Soc Champion

    Today we will be un-boxing and taking a close look at the brand new Gigabyte x99 Soc Champion Motherboard. Designed by Gigabyte in conjunction with world class overclockers Hi-coockie and Sofos to rule the overclocking arena. One of the biggest features of the X99-SOC Champion is the use of a...
  6. rakesh_sharma23

    Gigabyte X99 UD4 Motherboard Review

    Gigabyte X99 UD4 Motherboard Review We are really impressed with the Intel’s new X99 platform; it got some serious power with introduction of latest DDR4 quad channel memory support. All power comes at a price and it’s not a low one. But ones platform is up and running, you will realize...
  7. topgear

    Recent revisional changes in mid and low end intel boards

    I think all of us should be concerned about this : Main source : TechARX Forum ? View topic - Recent revisional changes in mid and low end intel boards. And some shocking reviews : Spot the differences: Gigabyte motherboard revisions present markedly different test results | Hardware.Info...
  8. B

    Gigabyte slashing motherboard specs without changing product names or prices

    Overclock3D :: Article :: Gigabyte in Ebenezer Mode :: When is a revision not a revision? This is very disturbing. I have had multiple failed Asus boards and won't touch them again, and now Gigabyte's doing this. The next mobo upgrade will be a very tough choice. :(
  9. M

    [For Sale] AMD Phenom II 955BE + Gigabyte 970A-DS3

    I am planning to sell the above combo. Item: AMD 955 BE processor + Gigabyte 970A-DS3 (rev. 1) Mobo. Warranty: None Condition: Excellent. I am currently using it in my system without any issues. Item location: Delhi Expected price: 5,500/ + shipping. Reason for sale: Going for a little upgrade...
  10. kARTechnology

    HDD failures in multiple PC's.

    Well I have these . Motherboard: Processor: RAM: HDD: PSU 1 GIGABYTE GA-H61M-D2H Intel Pentium G620 @ 2.60GHz 2 GB G.SKILL WDC WD5000AAKX-001CA0 CORSAIR CX430V2 2 ASUS P5KPL-CM Intel Core 2 Duo E5200 @ 2.5GHz 2 GB TRANSCEND Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 Mercury 450 Watt...
  11. Shivam15

    Which MotherBoard to Buy? GigaByte B85 or Asus B85 ?

    Hi, I have purchased a 4th Gen Intel i3 4150 processor. Will be using 4GB Ram currently with a 1 TB WD Hard Disk and Corsair CX430. Wont be using any Graphics card since I dont play games. :oops: Even if I buy any graphics card in future, it will be some basic one. Like 1GB DDR5. I saw...
  12. G

    Unboxing Gigabyte GA-X99-UD5 Wifi Motherboard

    GIGABYTE X99-UD5 WIFI Front view of the box Back side view of the box Front Peek-in Window Accessories in the box The motherboard Rear I/O Panel SATA Ports, SATA Express Ports, SATA Power M.2 SATA & M.2 WIFI Extra space for safer...
  13. S

    Gigabyte Motherboard RAM upgrade 12 GB to 24/48 GB

    I have a 3 year old Gigabyte motherboard Gigabyte X58A-UD7 with three x 4 GB RAM installed. Now when I bought the motherboard 8GB RAMs were not available, so obviously its technical specs tell it can only use 24 GB RAM. Now they are available. I would like to know whether I can...
  14. F

    Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H Vs Asus H97-PLUS ?? getting both of them at same price PLZ HELP!

    Hi i'm planning to buy a new pc, this is the config Processor: i5 4590 Motherboard: Asus H97-PLUS SSD: Samsung EVO 840 120Gb PSU: Seasonic S12II 520/430 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4*2GB 1600Mhz Case :D eepcool Tessaract Monitor : Dell S2240L Speakers: Creative SBS...
  15. nomad47

    Overclocking with Gigabyte EasyTune

    Hey guys. As far as I non K Haswell Processors are locked and can't be overclocked. But I downloaded the Gigabyte EasyTune software out of curiosity and am surprised to find that it is allowing me to modify core voltage, core multiplier etc. Any idea what's happening? My Proc+MoBo is i5 4670...
  16. A

    Sapphire R9 280X Dual-X OC + CPU + MOBO output

    I'm building a gaming config. and I will be using the same for gaming mostly. There will be barely any multi tasking on my PC so the IMP factor rather the only thing i'm looking at is deriving EXTRA FPS from every small modification to my rig. I will be playing games at ultra 1080p setting so...
  17. A

    Motherboard Under inr 10,000

    CPU Intel Core - i5-4430 CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212X RR-212X-20PM-R1 CPU Cooler GPU - MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozer Gaming Graphic 2GB OC RAM - Corsair Vengeance (2 x 4GB) 1600 MHZ SMPS - Corsair VS650 650 Watts HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB Cabinet - Corsair Carbide Series SPEC 01...
  18. R

    Need Help ! Gaming Rig in Dubai.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer and what kind of applications and games will be run? Ans: Mostly for gaming (Call of Duty, Max Payne 3, FIFA 14 BF4 , NFS and upcoming games in next 4-5 years), HD movies and CAD application. 2. Overall budget: Ans: 75K 3. Planning to OC? Ans: NO...
  19. M

    Motherboard for Athlon X4 635- Urgent

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new motherboard for my Athlon X4 635 processor. I've searched a lot but cant find any 880G motherboards(like the Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3L having USB 3 & Sata 3 at Rs.4500 or something). Can anyone tell where i can find one online? Max.budget is Rs. 4500. I want DVI-D...
  20. seamon

    Gigabyte to lauch gaming laptops in India.

    Gigabyte CEO Ming-Hsiung Liu has officially announced that they will launch their P35K and P25W series of gaming laptops in India. See the announcement here.
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