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  1. P

    App To Create A Gif Image

    I have heard about animated gif pictures, but more is I want to create such image by myself. Is there any app available to create a gif image?
  2. vedula.k95

    Digit Gif file missing and where is the onsite textfield?

    Seems like the Digit forums logo is missing is it the same for you all or am i the only guy facing this problem? and the login field in the forums site is missing too? - - - Updated - - - okay now its weird that i am missing my avatar too...:shock:
  3. L

    A Awesome XBOX Gif

    found a awesome gif sourcehttp://theawesomecoolstuff.wordpress.com/video-game-stuff/:lol:
  4. club_pranay

    Document Tracking

    I am looking for ways to track word or pdf documents that I own. Purpose: To track and have a log of users who open the .docx or .pdf files i own. For example, you are sending a sensitive document to a business partner and you want to know the time and location whenever it is accessed. I have...
  5. INS-ANI

    Need a simple GIF maker

    I need a simple GIF maker software (or any other) to make presentation animations like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dijksta_Anim.gif I need it to produce a file to be integrated with Microsoft power point files. Also, i need it not take a lot of time to make a simple animation as...
  6. M

    Suggest Free GIF Compression Software

    Suggest Free GIF Compression Software (Standalone) - Wishes
  7. R

    Mozilla Firefox - Links appear as "[AD]"

    Hi... I have noticed this problem on a few pages rendered with FF. Some of the links appear as "[AD]" on the screen. This especially happens when the "link" happens to be a thumbnail / pic / gif image. Note: I do not have any ad blocking software installed Any ideas folks?
  8. Zangetsu

    any video to GIF

    Hello.. i need an app..dat can convert any video file 2 a gif file.....like converting some clips 2 GIF... which r they ? :confused:
  9. S

    Which software is used here ?

    Which software is used to create above animated gif ? I think it is not possible with Photoshop or Atani. If you have any idea about that gif please give a small reply.
  10. Rockstar11

    How do I reduce this gif animation file.

    How do I reduce this gif animation file??? so I may use it as my avatar? http://b.imagehost.org/0418/0628_1.gif koi mere liye animeted avatar banado.... please.. thanks in advance
  11. rajhot

    Making Animated GIFs With Free Software in Four Steps

    Note: apparently you do not need to use Linux to do this. There's a version of MPlayer that runs on Windows in the command line and The GIMP is also cross platform. Has anyone has success with this? I imagine all of the commands would be the same. MPlayer is a pretty powerful tool for...
  12. M

    creating gif files??

    i wonder hw does one create an animated gif file?? i wud like to create thm....bt i dnt knw hw?? does nebdy knw..!! thnks in advance manan
  13. M

    gif screensavers..!!

    hello guys..! i wanted to know that hw r gif screensavers created?? can they b created frm a small 2-3 secnd video clip...?? if yes thn hw is it done..?? wat sftwre one needs.?? thnks in advance..! manan
  14. acesuresh

    Can't upload GIF images in my Profile

    Hi, I believe many of you might have come across this problem.... Can someone please tell how to get a GIF image uploaded in my profile. Regards, :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  15. quan chi

    strange problem.please help

    well guys i dont know if its a problem or something else.but i think i have not noiced it before. well its like this whenever i click on any s/w shortcut take it as my doumentsin windowed mode not in fullscreen mode . when the windowed mode pops up there is a slight 'contraction and...
  16. zyberboy

    How to add animated gif files in orkut Album?

    Can anyone find a method to add animated gif files in orkut photo album,if u know any tricks please post it here.
  17. a_k_s_h_a_y

    hw 2 convert gif 2 wbmp pic messages and send via SMS

    guyz i wanted to send WBMP ( 2 color ) pic messages to lot of my frnds via SMS downloading thm frm CELLONE services was costly and even gettin them from yahoo mobile or Indiatimes mobile was costly becasue u need to send them a code for that pic message which u see on net and this SMS eats away...
  18. saurabh kakkar

    how to cut down a gif file ?

    hi recently i tried to cut down 120*120 gif file into 60*60 using photoshop all went fine but when i saved the file the animation was gone . what should i do to retain animation while cutting the a gif file ? any software ?
  19. krates

    Need To Know How Too Create Your Website Cool

    Hello Frnds Goto The The Below Website To Know The Best Website Providing You With The Knowledge Of How To Create Your Cool. www.tips-tricks.com This Website Feature Include The easiest HTML guide for beginners > A quick and easy way to create your first web page! How to create TABLE...
  20. F

    GIF images with controls?

    Hello guys, I want to make GIF images with controls,i.e,can I have a play/pause/rewind/forward control in my GIF images ? If yes, then which software should I use? If no, Is this possible using Flash ? Please suggest me. Thank you people!
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