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  1. anky

    Replacing CD Drive with SSD in HP G6

    Hi Guys, I have HP G6-2005AX, i want to replace my CD drive with SSD. Is it possible? If yes then can that be used in PC also in future?
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Need help from HP pavilion G6 series users

    So I recently opened my laptop and cleaned the heat sink. It was clogged with dirt and the laptop was overheating. Everything went fine and the overheating problem was resolved. But now there's a bigger problem. Windows doesn't recognize the closing of lid anymore. Whenever I close the lid my...
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Does switchable graphics work in win 8 in hp g6-2005ax??

    Well the title says it. I got my hp g6-2005ax preinstalled with win 7 home basic. Then the upgrade offer for 699inr came and i upgraded it instantly. I did not do a clean install simply upgraded it. My laptop got buggy. The discrete gpu was always on and fan whizzed like crazy. There was no...
  4. anky

    HP G6-2005AX or HP G6-2002AX

    Hello, i am a new user here..and this s my first post :). i want to buy HP G6-2005AX which comes with AMD A8-4500M,i have read many reviews on many websites and forums..and it seems that it is very good laptop in the price range of 35k. i want to ask that should i buy this or wait for HP...
  5. L

    Samsung NP300V5A-A08IN Review Plz

    Hi i want to know this laptop dteails and review if anyone using this please tell me . Is it better or equal to HP Pavilion G6-2005AX .
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