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  1. R

    Logitech G110. Just bcz its cheap :D :D

    Dont Curse me. I live in Dubai and there a tech festival called GITEX running here. The Logitech G110 is on sale for 150AED ( 2225Rs) . I have planned a gaming rig but yet to buy because of other priorities. I do play games , I used to game regularly .But since I work now, even though I want...
  2. R

    Logitech G110, 2700RS

    Hey folks when i was looking for something I came across Logitech G110 priced at 2700 on offer. Should i buy it ? my other options are Logitech 105, Microsoft X4. M looking for gaming keyboard. I play Fifa and FPS Games so need to press multiple keys. Any Issue with Ghosting? ? Commom guys...
  3. bajaj151

    From where can I buy Logitech G110 in India ??

    I can't able to find Logitech G110 keyboard at descent price. On ebay, it's overpriced and no 10% off like coupon available nowadays.. Please suggest other source..
  4. bajaj151

    Logitech : G15 vs G110

    Currently, I am using Logitech MK250. Want to upgrade to gaming keyboard with backlit feature. On mind : Logitech G110 : 3.5k Please suggest other options as well... Max budget : 4K
  5. Akshay

    Microsoft Sidewinder X4 or Logitech G110?

    I am looking for a backlit keyboard and have shortlisted Microsoft Side Winder X4 and Logitech G110. I will mostly be using it for office work and for gaming once in a while (crysis and some other FPS games). So I am really not looking for a gaming keyboard but a backlit one with some good...
  6. d6bmg

    BEtter keyboard between these keyboards

    I've selected 3 keyboards: 1. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 2. Razer Lycosa Mirror (Special Edition) - RZ03-00181400-R3M1 3. Razer Lycosa Backlit Gaming Keyboard (RZ03-00180100-R3M1) All are avilable @ 3.4K. Which one is the best among these three? And I also heard that in G110, LED...
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