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  1. giprabu

    Intel I5-750 pc getting frozen .. :(

    One of my friend uses intel DP55WB board with core i5-750 proccy.. While working, frequent beeps are heared from the system unit and then the entire system gets frozen, after which restarting or switching off the ups is the only option . :( he was using a local brand 400w psu and then...
  2. C

    [fs]:ps3 40gb

    This is for a friend..i will hand out the deal on his behalf.. Its a 6 months old 40GB Black NTSC J PS3. Just the 1 SIXAXIS......which is in perfect condition and works perfectly. DETAILS:-- As For PS3 itself,it is also in perfect condition....never frozen yet........... He is from...
  3. freebird

    Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Drawing Near

    full read/source: http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/software/soa/Ubuntu_Feisty_Fawn_a_step_closer/0,130061733,339273880,00.htm
  4. spynic

    Task Manager Prob.

    i had a spyware on my pc(got it removed).. it disabled my task manager,, as in,, wen i right click on my taskbar, the task manager option is frozen.. ne idea how to get it back?
  5. R

    FS : GFX card, P4, Mobo,Ram

    Guys I am selling the following Item 1. GFX CARD - Nvidia Riva TNT2 32mb, agp 2. CPU - 1.6ghz P4 3. RAM - 2*128= 256Mb 4. MOBO - Intel 845WN 5. LAN CARD Some of the games i play on this rig are Ages of empires the conquerors FIFA 2004 Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne EA F1 2002...
  6. bharat_r

    frozen ipod..please help

    I have an ipod 20 GB. I was transfering data files from my friends PC to my ipod. The file which was being transferrend was about 500MB. Suddenly in the middle it showed some error message that the file can not be copid...and my ipod stoped responding...it's frozen & the display shows the...
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