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  1. P

    Access Local Webpage from the Internet

    There is a webpage at (This webpage is generated by an application on demand) that I need to access from the Internet. I have already done the following: Forwarded port 80 in my Modem - Beetel 220 (NAT --> Virtual Servers) Forwarded port 80 in my Netgear Wireless...
  2. A

    Gmail flaw allows attackers to steal messages

    September 26, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Accounts on Google Inc.'s Gmail can be easily hacked, allowing any past -- and future e-mail messages -- to be forwarded to the attacker's own in-box, a vulnerability researcher said yesterday...
  3. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Email forwarding Problem

    Friends I have a question for all of u. I forward a message in yahoomail, after it get forwarded, when I check Inbox again I found that a "Green Arrow Tag" has been attached to the message which I has forwarded. When I move cursor over that arrow It say that You forwarded this Message. I want...
  4. godsownman

    Track Emails

    Is there any way to track an email once it has been despatched from my mail box. Like What I am looking at is 1. to see if the mail was opened 2. If it was forwarded I know this can be termed as invasion of privacy but its kind of important
  5. T

    Help Gmail forward msg Problem...

    Hi digitized..... many times i am forwarded the picture messages fromgmail to others, but the text details are sent to the destination successfully but the images are not delivered properly/no images in that forwarded mail.... i hane checked myself also.... please give the solution for this...
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