1. P

    Dlink 2750u modem with bsnl broadband.. Not connecting!

    Please help anyone! I bought dlink 2750u modem 15 days back from Now today bsnl broadband isp gave me id and password. I tried everything to configure, googled, followed installation cd but in vein! If i do follow steps of cd it finally shows"internet connection fail. Please check...
  2. M


    Hi guys........I would be overwhelmed if you guys follow me on instagram.:-D:-D I.D.-muizz121
  3. izzikio_rage

    Tapatalk issues with the new forum : An epic tale; now with an epic end

    Hi everyone Let me tell you a story about a guy who used his mobile to browse the thinkdigit forums. It was a happy relationship with tapatalk bringing the forum to his fingertips no matter where he went. A few minutes to spare in the metro, let's see if my question got any responses...
  4. Nerevarine

    Get 23$ amazon app store credits for free follow this tutorial, happy buying
  5. A

    How do you clean your laptop and keep it dust free ?

    I regularly wipe the screen,keyboard and touchpad with a soft cloth.What are the other measures that can be taken for getting rid of the dust inside the laptop. What kind of cleaning routine do you follow ? Cheers! Abhijit
  6. a_medico

    How many of you really follow badminton

    In the cricket crazy nation, how many of you actually follow badminton? I mean not reading just about Saina and Kashyap, but international badminton? Was just wondering will IBL (Indian Badminton League) be a success or a flop?
  7. arunhalo

    [For Sale] Acer Aspire 5738G-644g32Mn

    Hi Mate, I am selling the follow laptop acer as follow detail below Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Laptop Specifications and Features: ACER ASPIRE 5738G-644G32MN Specification Expected Price: Rs 16000/- fix negotiable or pm me for fix price Time of...
  8. cray.x

    [Guide] Clean micromax Q5 trackball

    so guys i have made a guide to clean the biggest problem on earth for micromax Q5 users. here it is the guide to clean micromax Q5 trackball just follow this link Cray SX-6: Clean Micromax Q5 trackball. [solved]
  9. maxmk

    Anyone using Instragram

    Hello All, I have recently started using Instagram on my Android and my userid is @milindmk I am just wondering if anyone here using Instagram? if yes let me know your username i would love to follow you.
  10. rahul_c

    Who to follow on twitter?

    I just started using twitter regularly, besides celebrities whom do you consider must to follow?
  11. theserpent

    India to follow china type ban on website maybe If this happens where is our right to freedom?? :(
  12. socrates

    BSNL to increase 3G data tariff from next week

    I wonder if MTNL will follow suit :(
  13. Cool Buddy

    25% disount on mobile recharge

    source read carefully and follow it works, I already tried on 3 phones (3 networks)
  14. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] Wise Disk Cleaner Pro

    all in 1 utility tool: cleaner, recovery, scrubber. even command line support is provided. to get your pre-registered copy, follow this link & fillup the form: Giveaway Page
  15. thetechfreak

    the TWITTER feed

    Hello Guys, I have created this thread so we can discuss about various things about twitter. Also, you can post your Twitter links here for everyone to follow. But please remember, only post a profile link once and not more than that. So, lets start the discussion tweeple!!! I start the...
  16. pauldmps

    India Becomes First Country to Ban .XXX Domains

    Source: Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide What are your thoughts on this, guys ?
  17. A

    Auto Follow your twitter followers

    I would like to know how to auto follow your followers. I know DIGIT wrote about this in some issue this year but currently i don;t have that issue with me so please help me. Please don;t tell me about Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity it is not working with me :(
  18. Ray

    Hitachi Ace Follow Me

    Does it remove odour from air? what is the best ac at this price?
  19. bhushan2k

    Download amazing high-resolution Christmas wallpapers

  20. A

    Buy followers on Twitter

    Not happy with your follower count on Twitter? Well, then here's your chance to boost your popularity on the micro-blogging site-a new service can now buy followers for you. The social networking site, popular with celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Lily Allen, allows users to post short...
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