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  1. A

    Anyone here using LOD with ipod classic

    My questions are: 1. Is a good quality Lod available in INDIA online or in BANGALORE, HYDERABAD.? If yes, which brand? 2. Which DAC/amp combo are you using presently. Please advise me on the same. I have Fisher Audio Silver Bullets, Koss Porta Pro, and Soundmagic E30 as primary ear/headphones.
  2. celldweller1591

    Intel's Linux based Meego OS

    Intel is developing an edition of the Linux-based Meego OS that will work on mainstream laptops and desktops, a company executive said this week. The chip maker released the first editions of Meego to developers in late March. One edition was for netbooks running on Intel's Atom chips, and...
  3. hullap

    Sam Fisher. Anyone

    Actually i'm not a fan of action games but this rolled me over.Played it for 8hrs straight. splinter cell DA is great . stay in shadows and kill unsuspectingly
  4. A

    Tobias Reiper(Hitman) OR Sam Fisher

    So guys, I was wondering who do you prefer in a stealth Action game.. I am throwing a Poll here to check who got more Fans in the Digit Gamers Hitman aka Codename 47 aka Tobias Reiper OR Sam Fisher. Both Use stealth weapons..all low noise making gadgets. Hitman : Silenced...
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