1. H

    Trying to sell brand new htc one x 33k

    Hi First of all if anyone here is interested in buying it offline please pm me Guys has anyone here ever sold anything on ebay i am trying it for the first time and it looks too complex with so many fees and taxes can someone tell me how much it would cost me to sell my phone for 33k when i...
  2. K

    MBA Banking and Finance

    I am looking for MBA in Banking and finance, does any university provide this course and what are the duration and the fees
  3. metalfan

    Audio or sound Engineering

    My friend completed his +2 this year and now wants to do Sound Engg. etc. His interests are Edting ,Sound production and mixing . plz suggest him gud institutes to pursue his course from also tell their mode of entrance also do tell the course fees etc or giv the link for the website ...he...
  4. F

    World of Warcraft!

    I have heard enough about this game. It is touted as the best MMPORG game of all time. Does anyone actively playing this game? Tell me about the subscription charges and fees. I have browsed their website but couldn't understand, as it was written only for north american users.
  5. Renny

    Ethical hacking courses.

    Are there any good Ethical Hacking course centers in Bangalore? And also please mention the fees and duration.
  6. aditya1987

    Professional Hacker Required (Urgent)

    I want to get some of my gmail account hacked. Someone please give me some info about them. If anyone in this forum can do this please PM me (Fees negotiable) Thank you.
  7. V

    A+ and N+ Institute.

    Hi. I am planning to do COMPTIA A+(Hardware) and maybe N+ later on. How is Rooman Technologies in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi ? Its ISO 9001:2000 certified. The fees is also OK.
  8. J


    Iam a final year btech student.Is it possible to get admission for mtech without writing gate exam.How is the procedure.Whn will thw classes starts.What is the fees structure.Help
  9. A

    Cheated by the Study Center

    I have joined for a PG course through distance education in a study center. even after receiving the fees from me, he has not registered me. he used to lie when ever i asked about the issue. finally i knew the matter after 8 months as i haven't received the hall ticket and upon insisting him he...
  10. saqib_khan

    Some questions regarding CCNA

    Hi, I want to do CCNA. I m in Surat(Gujarat). I m somewhat puzzled abt from where should i do CCNA. Here there r 3 options IIHT, IHT & Jetking. So from where should i do?? I asked some person from IIHT & their fees is 9500 + taxes. I haven't asked the fees at jetking. I also want to...
  11. A

    Website copyright registration

    I have created some original content for my website and looking forward to get the copyrights of it. Can anyone tell me: 1. How much time would that take 2. How much fees would I need to pay 3. Reference of lawyer/law firm which does that(I stay in Mulund)
  12. ╬Switch╬

    Paypal confusion

    I very much confused about this. I have few Pounds and few $ in my Paypal account. So how do I withdraw the money, do I have to pay the fees for withdrawing $ and Pound seperately, or first convert everything to $ and then withdraw?? Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also if I open the...
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