1. CommanderShawnzer

    Videocon d2h vs TataSky HD.Help me decide

    As in title,confused b/w both of these two DTH providers Which is better and VFM? I find myself inching towards tatasky but their prices are a deterrent(HD access fee? wtf? are we cows to you??? :x ) Also where will they fit the dish? Not everyone has a balcony/verrandah/terrace
  2. Cyberghost

    Entropay and normal credit card charges???

    Hii, I'm planning to take a credit card from SBI. I want to know whether purchasing with a credit card is profitable compared to entropay VCC. As entropay has 4.95% loading fee and 3~3.5% foreign transcation fee from the debit card linked with entropay. What are the charges associated with the...
  3. patkim

    Fee for i store registration??

    I was wondering if there is any fee for registering with apple itune store? Registration requires you to enter credit card and billing details, though it also mentions that the card will be debited only when you make a purchase. To my surprise just after entering these details, I got SMS alert...
  4. ithehappy

    Website for online recharge (Vodafone)?

    I usually recharge from Vodafone's website, but these new made for you offers are cool and they can't be recharged from Vodafone's website. I tried an online recharging site but they were asking some additional fee as 'Internet charges', so I skipped. Is there any website via which I can...
  5. kartikoli

    Help me decide between AXIS , YES and HSBC bank

    Need a suggestion for bank account my brother have been given a choice of 3 banks [yes, axis and HSBC bank] from his employer and we have no branch close to my house also all ATMs are far situated as well so we need to decide on a bank which gives following features or al-teast few less or...
  6. buddyram

    Good Institute for J2EE Course

    Good Institute for J2EE Course in BANGALORE Hi, One of my friend is willing to pursue his career in Java Development(J2EE). Would anyone suggest a good institute in BANGALORE. he checked in cegonsoft, Malleswaram but he found that the fee structure is quite heavy. Can anybody suggest...
  7. Reaper_vivek

    Need to know about good source to buy Games Online...

    Some people may be surprised to see this..I want to play Assassins creed 2(DAMN the Ubisoft's DRM). I want to know about online stores where I can purchase PC games...Do i have to download the games by paying the fee or I get it shipped??? I have a Debit card(Maestro)...Do i need a credit...
  8. anish_sha

    Sell an item in ebay

    Never sold an item in ebay , i have a mobile phone to sell , i am intenting to sell it at 10.5k shipped, so for how much should list it in ebay , so that i get 10.5 k after ebay fee... pls help me out....
  9. M

    Trai issues new tariff order for pre-paid top ups

    Mobile phone subscribers will now be able to avail of better value for their pre-paid top ups, according to the new tariff order and direction issued Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) . As per the recent directives subscribers are entitled to get full talk time on talk time...
  10. koolbluez

    CreditCards... which of them is da best?

    Atlast... I'm back... but... a doubt to b cleared first... Non-tech one... guyz... Q 4 those in India... I'm lookin forward for the best credit card services in India.... which one should i take... have a citibank... lookin forward for no processing fee.. low interest... no jhanjhat... type...
  11. RCuber

    Should we have TV Licence Fee ?

    Ok now the government is imposing a annual "Licence Fee" of 500 bucks. Most of you might have read it. Now I was not surprised about this tax.. because I had heard about TV tax in UK from one of my cousin. I just checked if there is any info on the UK tax thing and was shocked :mad: First in...
  12. B

    Pay more for Net surfing

    Internet services are likely to get more expensive. Broadband connection users might have to pay more for Internet access if the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommendations to impose an annual licence fee for Internet service providers come into effect. Currently, ISPs pay only Re...
  13. blademast3r


    Hey guys i need some info bout paypal from ppl who hav an account Howz the service, fee, how to transfer money etc
  14. A

    hardware course

    guys i live in mumbai and want to go for a basic hardware course..any i dea where should i go...info about duration of the course and fee will b very help ful...thanks in advance
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