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  1. T

    New Headphones - Help me decide !!!!

    Hi folks, I am looking for a new headphone with mic for my laptop with good voice quality and noise cancellation features. I've shortlisted on 2 options Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset (FDD 267) iBall Swing Headset Budget around 500-600 Kindly suggest a better one among these...
  2. P

    FDD Access Virus !!

    my PC is infected by a virus which is trying to access the FDD every now & then. The culprit is my pen drive which i 've used somewhere and got me a new virus which is not detectable by NOD32 3.0.642.0. The suspected files i've found on the pen drive is 1. explorer.exe 2. isetup.exe 3...
  3. sravan

    Not able to boot from pendrive

    I copied the entire contents of xp Professional installation cd into my pendrive.I changed the first boot device as USB FDD in the BIOS .But the system is not booting from pendrive.Same is the case with LInux LIve CD Help me plz
  4. T

    constant blinking FDD issue..

    hi, my computer (windows xp SP2, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD) is having the peculier problem. it seems that the system is checking FDD constantly at regular interval of 10 sec routinely. how do i stop this from happening??? it really is making irritation with constant fetching sound... to get...
  5. U

    P4 PC for sale in Delhi

    *Already Sold* 1) Motherboard : ASUS P4B533-VM Processor : P4 2.4Ghz RAM : 1.25GB DDR HDD : 80GB ATA DVDRW : Lite-on LH-20A 1P SMPS : 400W FDD Cabinet+Keyboard+Mouse Price: Rs. 7,500/- 2) XFX GeForce 6600 AGP8x 256MB DDR for sale too...
  6. solomon_paulraj

    System for sale

    I have the following config for sale: Intel P4 1.6ghz 320mb RAM 845i chipset motherboard Motorola Modem Realtek Network Card 4 USB Slots Nvidia Geforce 440mx AGP card Sony CD Drive Sony FDD 40 GB Hardisk all in good condition. please quote your price. (prefer buyers from...
  7. 5*****


    17" Samsung (2 month old ) 120 Segate ( 80+40 ) 2 HDD ( Both are 1+ Year Old ) 2x 256 ddr 400 Mhz =512 mb (1 1.2 year old and 1 1 month old ) Athlon 64 3000+ with Asus K8S-MX Board (1.2 year OLD) DVD -RW 18x Sony ( 1 month Old ) I Ball Cabinate ( 400 W SMPS) FDD Microsoft Keyboard + Mosue...
  8. jay4u

    FDD problem.. can anyone give the answer.. real confusing

    I have not connected my fdd during installation niether had i connected it now...... but why still it shows up floppy drive in my My computer Anyone please tell me....
  9. lahratla

    Rattling sound of FDD

    I recently bought a PC with the following configuration: 1. Athlon 64 3000+ (939) CPU 2. 256x2 400MHz DDR RAM 3. 80 GB SATA HDD 4. MSI-RS480 (IGP) Mobo 5. Combo and FDD 6. 17" Flat CRT 7. WinXP+SP2 Earlier, I hadn't heard the loud rattling sound given out by the FDD on Windows logon...
  10. C

    Windows 1.0

    Hallo there, Does anyone here know, the maximum hardware Windows 1.0 can support. I have a Celeron 500, 128 MB ram, 10 GB HDD, FDD, CDD, CD-RWD, Colour monitor, i810 chipset, AC '97 onboard audio, Vesta MB
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