1. clmlbx

    who wanna buy Galaxy s3?

    All Galaxy s3 haters stay out of this thread. Their is already a thread for it.. I know it has ugly design plus fantastic specs.. there has been a mixed reaction to it so starting a poll to come to an conclusion.. So vote..:twisted:
  2. N


    Guys, Check this Game :) looks fantastic to me, anyone played this one ? VZAuKkv4eZE
  3. G

    Nokia E6

    I've finally picked up my very own Nokia E6 ! After much asking around on forums i decided that this was the phone for me :D Boy was i right ! Absolutely love it :) The battery life on it even with 3G on is fantastic ! I've gone the entire weekend without recharging it. Used it for...
  4. amitabhishek

    Aamir Khan uses Google Chrome in 3 idiots!!!

    I noticed that, good to see use of OSS on big screen:razz:!!! Finally our filmwallahs using something else other than IE6. Just wanted to highlight that. BTW this is a fantastic movie (if you ignore some creative liberties)!!! A must watch!!!
  5. personifiedgenius

    Good Old School Days

    ...... DO NOT MISS A SINGLE LINE ......and the last one is fantastic How it was do reply?
  6. kool

    fantastic four (cheat code)

    Hey frnds.......... i want cheat code of these two games: FANTASTIC FOUR, SHREK-2 i've already searched on google, and but didn't get good cheatCode.So........ plzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzz give me good cheat so i can play with full health and unlock all levels.
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