Interesting Facts on Linux?

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Hi folks....I wanted to know some interesting facts about Linux.....Actually I am presenting a paper on Linux in which I want to add these facts....I want to know practical places, companies and sites where Linux is being used....also the applications in which linux is being used...For example I will like to share one amazing fact...I don't know whether it is true or not but I have heard it a lot....I have heard that NASA uses DEBIAN Linux and they have not rebooted their servers from past many years coz of its security and stability...Please share facts like these


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If you're smart enough to consider giving a presentation on linux, you definitely be smart enough to search for everything you need. All of those links, and much more, come within the first 2-3 pages of any google search on linux.


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one -Linux is NOT UNIX,but UNIX-like :p and UNIX file permission system and FS hierarchy which is very different.get some insights on these-if for a presentation.hence virus/worms cant damage etc etc :)


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google is a company which uses linux.

it mainly uses a derivative of ubuntu known as goobuntu which they have themselves created based on their needs.

i also heard somewhere that they use insane amounts of RAM on their computers running linux like 3GB etc. dont know why

search wikipedia for more info on goobuntu.
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