1. A

    Regular expressions in python

    hello everybody, I want to create a regular expression (in Python) for which I select all the string in between /* and */ including all spaces, tabs, newline etc. for example, /* HELLO */ /* HELLO EVERYONE */ these should be selected with and without \n. I have trying for 2 hrs and still...
  2. Faun

    Free Expression Assault Continues at UN Human Rights Council

    * Lets hope such thing never happens. We only have partial Freedom of Press India should have rejected the resolution.
  3. Champ

    Get Visual Studio 2008 Free Of Cost

    Yesterday I posted this on my Blog - * Today I am sharing it with you guys Yes Its True you can get a Totally Genuine Lisence of Visual Studio 2008 and other Flagship Development products from Microsoft at no cost. Whats the Catch : The only catch is that you...
  4. M

    Explain the anomaly in the c prog

    #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main(){ clrscr(); int i,j,k; i=10; k=10; j=i++ + i--; printf("\nValue of i after expression : %d",i); printf("\nPrinting from Variable : %d",j); printf("\nPrinting from Expression : %d",k++ + k--); printf("\nValue of k after expression : %d",k)...
  5. dineshameh

    The Greatest Show on Earth

    Model Karen Elson is stunning and emotive in this helter-skelter circus set by Steven Meisel. Don't let this opening shot fool you, she is one of the only models working today who has more than one facial expression.
  6. dhawald

    your views on prophet's cartoons

    first let me inform that I am a hindu but I feel that whatever the europeans are doing(showing caricatures of prophet mohhemed) is wrong those guys have been hankering about freedom of expression. but i feel that etiquette,ethics and respect for others come above freedom of expression...
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