1. R

    Apple all set to expand more: Bad news?

    Maneesh Dhir, Sanjay Kaul: The men behind Apple's sudden surge in India - Economic Times ---- So, Apple is all set to expand here in India. Will the hatred increase or will it eventually subside over the years? Sarcasm aside, this is pretty interesting news. The speed at which Apple...
  2. Y

    Regarding RAM expansion...

    Hi, I have Gigabyte Motherboard and in that I have 1 GB transcend ram. So I want to expand the Ram to 3 GB, my question is can I expand my ram? for 1 GB ram, its frequency is 533 MHz so If I buy the ram of 2 GB of frequency 533 or 670 Mhz then it would compatible with my motherboard or not...
  3. savithk

    Increase Internet Speed By 20%

    i search on google How To Increase Your Internet Speed on Windows XP Professional Go to Start-> Run-> and type gpedit.msc Expand the Administrative Templates branch Expand the Network tab .....but i don't find any Network tab , QoS Packet Schedule , Limit Reservable Bandwidth i have xp3...
  4. Amir.php

    Windows 7 install error!!!!!!!

    The following Problem i am facing while installing Windows 7 build 7000. Any one help me please, what is this. This error comes up when windows trying to expand files at 20%.
  5. B

    Gaming or multimedia Keyboard

    Guys i am searching a good gaming or multimedia keyboard but it should be priced reasonably & palm rest is must. my budget is upto 2k but i can expand it to 2.5 for something exceptionally good.So pls help me
  6. New

    How to place your desired drives in the Save As option

    Hi friends..By doing this you will get your desired drives and folders in the Save As option. Procedure: 1.Go to Run and Enter gpedit.msc. 2.Expand the Administrative Template tree,which is under User Configuration. 3.Once again expand the Windows Components tree . 4.You...
  7. CadCrazy

    Halo Creator Bids Goodbye To Microsoft

    Bungie and Microsoft Corp. part ways, for good. Bungie Studios, the developer of Microsoft’s 'Halo' franchise, will now become a privately held independent company, Bungie, LLC, in which Microsoft will hold a minority equity interest. As part of this transaction, Bungie and Microsoft have forged...
  8. R

    Exclusive :: Nokia Batteries Explode !

    News From all over the internet said that people should replace their Nokia BL-5C batteries because thay have some pver heating problems, We were also told that the Batteries are just going to expand and not blast off. Here We have, Some Exclusive picturess of the Nokia Phone blasting off In...
  9. Gigacore

    Expand D.I.G.I.T

    Hey guys, can you expand digit in some meaningful statement? Here i go, D - Digit I - Is G - Great I - Indian T - Tech magazine. Can you do it?
  10. krates

    Changing The Command Promt Here Functionality In Xp

    Open Regedit Go to Edit Hkey_classes_root directory Expand Shell Click On Dos Here Change The Value Of Default To The Name Of The Program Now Expand Doshere Click On Command Double Click On Default Change It To The Program Path Right Click On Any Folder To See The Effect Not Working For...
  11. ax3

    Desktop Woes ! ! !

    my screen is set 2 1024*768 resolution ..... i just noticed a thing : only notepad was open in a "restore down state" & i happened 2 minimized it on 2 taskbar .... my desktop screen just came out & in ie had a bulge (expand) type of thing [not the width&height bt in middle] ........ did...
  12. cooldip10

    Expand memory

    Hi.. I wanted to know whether I can expand my cell's memory .. my cell is nokia 6610i. It has only 3 MB internal memory.Plz help>>> :roll:
  13. Official Techie

    Nokia 6020

    Is there any way to expand the memory and listen radio through my phone
  14. tuXian

    TRAI wants Govt to kickstart shift to IPv6

    TRAI said on Tuesday that the usage of IPv6, a new internet protocol platform in e-Governance projects, be made mandatory to give a headstart to the deployment of this advanced technology that will expand the available IP address space, provide better service, mobility support and security...
  15. B

    hotmail is still 2MB

    my email space in hotmail is still 2MB, can anyone tell me how can i expand my storage capacity
  16. V


    could ne1 tell me the price of Sony Ericsson S700i and Memory Stick Duo in Mumbai can I expand its memory by putting an MMC card? could u also suggest good camera mobiles of 1 megapixel or more and their prices? is it true that u can't expand the memory of K700i ? plz reply quickly
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