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  1. R

    "Digit Forum Offline" Installation Problem

    I tried to extract the "Digit Forum Offline.exe" package (From December DVD). After extracting 26106 files (approx 12-13% of the compressed package) in the Lite\web folder it starts giving "cannot open output file" error. What may be the problem? Please try extracting that archive and tell me...
  2. B

    Output Exe File - Extract it from another Exe

    Hello guys, I want to ask you for a little help. I wand to find out how to make such a executable file (in C++), that if it is run, it will extract another executable Exe e.g to directory C:\\my_extracted_file.exe. And that my_extracted_file.exe should display some MessageBox, if it's run...
  3. U

    How can i extract the executable stub from Self-Extracting Archives in C#

    How can i extract the executable stub from Self-Extracting Archives in C#.
  4. hansraj

    how to find out what an exe is doing!!!!

    hey guys i know that this question may be very simple for those who are into programming or so called "code masters" but i am not one of them. My doubt is we come across many executable files and while running such files we should know what all things are changing in our pc. I just want to know...
  5. shady_inc

    Linux Shell Scripting - bash: ELF command not found

    Hello.! I have a executable tbc stored at $HOME/abc/xyz/tbc.Now, if I try running the executable with ". $HOME/abc/xyz/tbc" or "source $HOME/abc/xyz/tbc", it gives a message: bash: ELF : command not found But if I first cd to $HOME/abc/xyz and then run"./tbc", it works just fine. What's the...
  6. P

    Windows XP starting problem

    Hello Friends :) My name is Pragna, I am facing problem with Microsoft Windows XP, everytime the computer boots with normal booting and opens untill the desktop and stops. Then only the windows related programs can be opened like My Pictures,My Videos,files can be transferred from one...
  7. S

    Shell pack installation error - any idea?

    Hi Everyone, I am Trying to Install VTP (Vista Transformation pack) 8.0.1. But as soon as i click on the Executable file it comes up with an error message. I am pasting the screenshot, Kindly go through it. It's nothing important as such, but just wanna know what causes it actually. It's not...
  8. Ecko

    PE EXPLORER:--> The Best Resource Hacker

    HACKING REVISITED :arrow:The Portable Executable Explorer :arrow:TYPE Free To Try (30 Days Trail) CUSTOMER SUPPORT AVAILABLE :arrow:PRICE $129 ONLY Personal Edition $199 ONLY Business Edition :arrow:DOWNLOAD IT HERE http://www.heaventools.com/download/pexsetup.exe...
  9. M

    how to run .bin file

    Hi frnds, I've NFS mostwanted which is of 3.6GB having .mdf extension. Then i mount it in alcohole in which dere were not any executable file but some .bin files(each one is of 650,700,950 MB). How 'll i install d game in my PC PLZ HELP...... Thanx in advance.....
  10. bhushan2k

    New to Linux. Want to understand the basics

    Re: One stop reference for enabling multimedia in Linux I m new for linux. i have installed Ubuntu 7.04 today. It is quite difficult to understand because i don't know anything about linux. But I have understood some basics like changing background, changing settings, mounting disks, burning...
  11. V

    Executable file in Java

    How to create a Executable file in JAVA or how to create a JAR file... Please Help ?? Thank You
  12. P

    From exe to source code

    Hey, Can anyone tell me how to get source code from an executable?
  13. N

    A Virus tale

    My system has been infected by some sort of Virus stuff. The problem is that even after scanning with latest Norton Antivrus 2007, Avast 4 Professional. The virus still exits and affects my Pen Drive by copying some DOS executable stuff. Other interesting thing is that even after terminating...
  14. uzair

    executable files cant be executed

    whether it is the executable file of a game or a software, the open with dialog opens up. I've been running the games and softwares using the command prompt following the dos syntax. Even the command prompt,on execution, the open with dialog again opens. How do i change it to the usual...
  15. R

    autorun from usb pendrive

    hi guys, plz tell me how do i run an executable file from my usb pen drive. now, i know how to do it if the exe is present in the main/root directory of drive. but the problem is, i have a folder in the drive in which the executable is present. like f:\abc\pqr.exe __________ guys plz answer...
  16. sridatta

    How to make two .exe files run simultaneously by clicking one exe file

    Hello guyz I would like to know how to merge two executable files to a single executable file so that when i click that... both the exe files should run.. Currently i am working on Batch File Programming and for my application i need this... Plzz help
  17. P

    executable file

    how can i make a text file into executable one in red hat 9 ver ?
  18. A

    .java/.class to .exe conversion

    Hi, i want to know if this conversion is possible? or is there any other way to make a executable application in java? btw does any know what a .jar file is? ciao.
  19. D

    how 2 convert a file 2 executable format???

    I recently downloaded free version of Lemonade Tycoon 2 from www.games2download.com, with the help of DAP 5.3. After completion of download when i opened the file, i saw that it was not an executable file, nd had no format. the size of the file matches wid dat said in da website. can ne...
  20. C

    Notepad Error

    Hi, Notepad is my default application for opening .txt files. But from last 2-3 days whenever i click on a txt file it gives an error. Notepad has caused an error in executble notepad.exe Application will now quit. My notepad executable is perfectly ok and it works file when i open it...
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