1. ajayritik

    Which iPod to buy?

    I'm planning to buy an iPod within 10k. What would be the best option to go for? Will iPod Nano be a good option? From where can I purchase it? I stay in Hyderabad. Do we have iPod exclusive dealers in Hyderabad. Will it be available for the same price that is mentioned in the apple website...
  2. R

    Exclusive :: Nokia Batteries Explode !

    News From all over the internet said that people should replace their Nokia BL-5C batteries because thay have some pver heating problems, We were also told that the Batteries are just going to expand and not blast off. Here We have, Some Exclusive picturess of the Nokia Phone blasting off In...
  3. J

    FS: Leadtek 7600GT PCIe 256MB (Exclusive Design)

    Hi! For sale a Leadtek 7600GT PCIe 256MB (Exclusive Design). Done six months, great piece of hardware. Billed. Boxed. Driver CDed. Gamed. 3 years warranted. Price: Rs. 7,500. Shipping free. Suggestions, quotes, welcome on the thread. Any thrashings, PM only. :D
  4. ymhatre

    Personal MEdia Drives Frm HP.. EXCLUSIVE OR GLOBAL

    Guys did u saw the new add of Hp having personal media drives... See this See the cabinet having vertical racks where this drive goes in My question is tht is this product exclusive for HP... or it can e fixed in any other cabinets tooo Also how does it workk... I mean it goes...
  5. C


    I bought a web cam from local market. Belkin F5U131...i later found out it is an exclusive model for Reliance. I have searched everywhere for drivers! I cant even find related drivers. Please help. Thanx
  6. anandk

    opera turns 10...download exclusive ad-free version...

    Opera turns 10 today. download exclusive ad-free version, just 2de ! their offer is for tuesday 30/8/05 only. 8) *www.download.com/
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