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  1. sygeek

    Scientists rush to sequence deadly new E. coli strain

    Full Article link Isolate the Europe, and fill it with a poisonous gas so as to destroy this deadly bacteria (and the people). That's how the Government works, doesn't it? Only this time, they may be limited as they have to do it on a large scale and publicly.
  2. R

    Twitter Portal and Twitter Apis:help req

    Hi everyone I need some help with this Twitter portals thing... one place, specific topics and members tweeting...something on the lines of Europatweets - What is Europe doing? where do i get started ? I googled a lot but couldn't find anything on it...anyone ?
  3. iinfi

    Germany declares official recession

    Germany declares official recession
  4. techtronic

    "Storm Worm" races across the net

    A fast spreading Internet Worm has taken advantage of email users' concern about the recent deadly storm in Europe. The "Storm Worm" has the subject line "230 dead as storm batters Europe" and contains a 30kb attachment that creates a backdoor for further attacks. The worm started spreading...
  5. crookbond

    Sony cutting PS2 price to £95

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed a reduction in the price of the PlayStation2 across the territory to 129.99 Euros or £94.99 in the UK with immediate effect. Over forty million units have been shipped throughout Europe, though globally the system has sold over one hundred and six...
  6. A

    degree in game development

    hi everybody, could anyone help me out on this one. i wan't to get hold of a degree in game development. can be any institute in Europe. but if there are better any where else, please do tell.
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