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  1. S

    Questions regarding windows phone 8.1

    Anyone who have updated to windows phone 8.1, can they tell me 1. If I update my window to version 8.1, then all the installed app will be automatically uninstalled or they will remain as they were? 2. What is the estimated size of the update? 3. What is the estimated free space required in...
  2. B

    GOOD ISP in Hyderbad

    Ill be shifting to near hitech city soon. need a good isp which offers low latency to eu and sea servers. as well an estimated download of 50 gigs monthly. uptime and reliability is important. budget is around 3k. thank you
  3. M

    AIEEE 2009 Estimated Ranks

    AIEEE 2009 Estimated Ranks http://sriraj.org/career/aieee-2009-estimated-ranks/ http://sriraj.org/career/aieee-2009-solutions-college-cut-off-rank-article306/ Found these links on Web. Hope these will be useful :)
  4. ajaybc

    Vote for the Game of the Year 2008

    Today is December 19 and we are seeing the end of 2008 in 12 days. This year has been a year of excitement,hype and disappointments for gamers.Some of the most hyped games like FarCry 2,BiA:HH were real flops and we saw under estimated gems like World of Goo. It is up to you fellow Digitian...
  5. bizzare_blue

    Problems with DVD-Writer

    Two months back, I had to change my DVD-Writer as the older one got dysfunctional. I bought a new Sony DW-G120A writer. When I used this writer to read or write DVD's, it took too long to do so. Then, I got it tested on another machine and it worked perfectly there. Then, I changed the...
  6. shyamno

    Writing DVD RWs...

    My drive is taking a quite long time in writing DVD RWs.I burn DVD RWs with Nero Express.so when burned it shows the estimated time as 14 minutes.but after completing the estimated time it again shows a new time which is whoping 39 min.altotal around 1 hour.Is it normal or something is wrong...
  7. techtronic

    90% of email estimated to be spam

    90% of email estimated to be spam Read More Source : http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/11/28/email_spam/
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